what music are you listining to now?

Discussion in 'Community' started by krossfyter, May 25, 2003.

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    im jamming out to queens of the stone age "songs for the deaf" album, a perfect circles album, dredg "el cielo", disturbed, sigur ros, theory of a deadman, coldplay, evanescence and vallejo....at the moment.

    what music has your attention these days?

    its been awhile since ive posted. im not sure if its even safe to post here anymore. if not then dont blame me blame the government cheese. that always works.
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    i'm not listening to anything right this second...

    but "these days" it's a lot of the latest boy sets fire album. nothing like that to get you fired up about politics.

    and i just got the new live album, so that's getting some play.

    other than that, i have my ipod on random over the whole thing for the most part...

    nice to see you around brah!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: what music are you listining to now?

    what? how could you even say that ;)

    I'm listening to iTiunes radio - xtc radio

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    Near- perfect CD's I'm listening to

    Fleetwood Mac Rumors
    Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon
    Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits
    James Taylor Greatest Hits
    Hans Zimmer/Trevor Horn - Toys Soundtrack
    Sarah Mcglaughlan - Surfacing
    Police- Greatest hits
    Natalie Cole-Unforgettable
    Rich Mullins - Liturgy
    Debussy , Bach, Mozart, Copland, Stravinsky “Greatest hits”
    Samuel Barber - Greatest hits
    Bodyguard soundtrack


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    Re: what music are you listining to now?

    Strangely I'm listening to QotSA, Disturbed, Coldplay, Evanescence and ToaDM, along with System of a Down and Tenacious D. Seems we have some common ground.:D

    Right now I've got Zep's Physical Graffitti running, and Zappa's Ship Arriving too Late to Save a Drowning Witch lined up.
  6. Wes
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    Calm Like a Bomb - Rage Agains the Machine, just got back from seing the Matrix.
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    Hootie and the Blowfish--Innocence
    Krokus--Playn' the Outlaw
    Bebo Norman--Cover Me
    Supertramp--The Logical Song
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    Re: Near- perfect CD's I'm listening to

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    ah yeah boys sets fire just got added to this years lollapaloza. will you be attending?
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    Hey dude, nice see another boy sets fire fan here! What other punk bands do you listen to?
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    a few new albums that I just ripped-

    Up in Flames by Manitoba
    You Forgot It In People by The Broken Social Scene
    The Summer Of The Shark by Portastatic.
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    "Unforgetable With Love Natlie Cole" Special Edtiion 2 Set CD collection
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    Re: Re: what music are you listining to now?

    so i guess everythings okay to drop anchor.

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    a tribe called quest - air - archive - boards of canada - boom boom satellites - david bowie - frank zappa - kruder & dorfmeister - lamb - marillion - marilyn manson - massive attack - monster magnet - muse - pink floyd - red hot chili peppers - roger waters - spinvis - starsailor - tom mcrae - tool - urban dance squad

    This is not my entire iTunes database ;) , just the stuff I listen to lately. Some stay forever, some come and go.
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    "Frank Sinatra: The Capital Years" a 3 CD Set
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    wow, that other cd selection took you only 17 minutes to finish?
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    Artist/Writers who in general have a very high batting Average:

    Indigo Girls
    Beth Neilsen Chapman
    Peter Gabriel
    Bruce Springsteen
    John Williams
    Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Bette Midler
    Sinead o’Connor
    Yes pre 1988
    Rush pre - 1985
    Andrea bocelli
    Selected Celine Dion (careful)
    Pat Metheny (start with Secret Story)
    Bobby Mcferrin
    Tori Amos - (start with “To Venus and Back”)

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    I've been listening to my latest CD - Moffou by Salif Keita.
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    You are a very observant person! I actually started listening to the first set at 3:50pm. Not sure why but the second CD only had 1 song on it, checked it twice! :confused:
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    Nothing since yesterday when an upgrade to 10.2.6 killed my core audio IO. If anyone knows why or what to do I'd love to know. :confused:
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    I'm way into the Flectones right now, and I'm starting to get addicted to Dream Theater now too.

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    at this very moment...something new to me...Natacha Atlas...track called "Iskanderia" from the album Diaspora... ;)

    lately though...lots of jazz, downtempo & triphop...

    John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Thievery Corporation, Depeche Mode, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Lamb to name a few... ;)
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    Local radio, 98.9, I have my stereo hooked up to my Mac as my source of audio :) So when I want iTunes to play, I hit the AUXilary button, when not I just listen to a cd or the radio :) Best of both worlds although I prefer not to use system resources with iTunes if possible :)
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    Now listening to my 'latin' folder, where all the music is in spanish :) Got a little shakira going, some Tiziano Ferro, some Juanes, a little Mana :)

    :) :cool:
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    "Frank Sinatra: The Capital Years" a 3 CD Set now on CD #2!
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