what music really moves you?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by blue&whiteman, Apr 1, 2004.

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    thought I would start a thread here to see what kind of music the members here are really into and/or moved by..

    I myself am a very big reggae fan. I do not like much after 75 from the industry. mainly into old roots, old dub, old ska.

    Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Horace Andy, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Wailers, Skatelites just to name a few.
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    I'm into UK Garage right now (Artful Dodger, Sunship). American R&B needs a shot of new funk. It's just a million and one ways to say, I like your butt and want to have sex with you.
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    TOOL - mind blowing and just wow...A Perfect Circle too obviously....
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I love classical music, especially the early Romantic stuff, such as Schumann, Chopin, and the like.

    As for more pop-style music goes, my "A" list is Mark Schultz and Caedmon's Call... too awesome.
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    I also love classical music. It falls into so many genre, such as popular, movies, and religious. Music with regards to the military moves me to great pride.

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    Savage Henry

    Pink Floyd I spose would be high on my list, along with Otis Redding and the voice of Captain Beefheart.

    It really all depends on my mood, but those three tend to take me to another place.
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    I'm into a bit of funk at the moment, my 'recently played' playlist in my iTunes library is mostly Jamiroquai. :)
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    Carlos Santana gets the hairs on my arms standing on end when he gets going on his jams. And John Lee Hooker is a moody soul too.
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    To get my booty boppin' and all synapsis firing, I usually go for Trance. It's what usually helps me keep my mind going when I am doing math homework.
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    Trip Hop is the one for me, specially groups such as Massive Attack, Portishead and Hooverphonic (don't know if the latter classifies 100% as trip-hop, but I love their music as well).

    Unifinished Sympathy anyone?
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    I really enjoy euro indie pop, such as the offerings from here:
    really like bands from Iceland too...
    ...I realize I am probably in the minority...
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    ATM I'm loving sigur ros and mùm... two top bands :)

    Also listening to lucky by radiohead - its a nice song :)
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    I like some trip hop also. mainly massive attack. the one guy I mention in my original post (Horace Andy) has done a lot of singing for massive attack. horace has been in music since the 60's. in the old reggae scene he was huge.
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    Good stuff. Horace Andy in particular...I'm a Massive Attack fan. ;)

    For me, there's a variety of it all...and it comes down mostly to downtempo/triphop & jazz.

    My fav artists range from:
    • Depeche Mode • Thievery Corporation • Hooverphonic • Massive Attack • Frank Sinatra • Herbie Hancock • John Coltrane

    just to name a few...
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    ditto all of the above

    did i mention i spent the day with the guy who mastered kid a and ok computer?? Not quite as impressive as the day I slept with Kylie Minogue tho...

    Back on topic, the icelandic scene is so cool, sigur ros are awesome, björk is also a real favourite of mine

    All time emotive song has to be jeff buckley's cover of "hallelujah" - I have no idea what the song's actually about, and the lyrics are a little off the wall, but man that guy can sing. Also, the tone on that guitar is something else, beautiful beautiful song.
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    I listen to everyting

    But mostly spanish pop and love song, a little classical, Jazz, hip hop :D
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    As far as words, country music and bluegrass moves me pretty well, and has driven me to tears before. But I also like metal, rap, electronica, classical, and religious music (particulary that in Latin).
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    i listen to all kids of music as well, but i really enjoy oasis and radiohead
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    Funk, Soul, Dub is my flavour for the moment.

    Just saw James Brown play live the other night.
    70 something and still going strong.
    Anyone here heard of The Black Seeds?
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    I appreciate it ALL and Listen to MOST. Music is a great gift.

    I'm all over the place. Within a day I'll go from Jazz(old/comtemp) to Acid Jazz/Trip Hop to R&B to HipHop/Rap to Deep House to Various Acoustic sets to Classic Rock to Alternative Rock. I just go with my mood. Gotta love music. Thank GOD for my 40gig iPod. It's my Harp.

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    all good. never heard of the black seeds though.
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    Jefferson Airplane's White rabbit.
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    WOW! how in the world did wdlove get censored?!?

    anyhow... rythem and blues/rock and roll, i can sit and listen to that for hours. good good stuff.

    also, country and mozart and bach. depends on the mood i guess

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