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What Places Sell iPad Cases? (I'm on the Prowl for one TODAY)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by HappyDude20, Oct 9, 2010.

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    I've been researching iPad cases for the longest time and feel its time to make a decision. Months ago I was totally opposed to the Apple Case, however at my work numerous costumers have come in with the very case and am falling in love with it overall. But still not sure.

    I've been to BEST BUY & Frys Electronics for iPad cases and haven't been blown away.

    Just figured i'd ask here of other hidden stores that would sell iPad Cases.
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    depends what kind of case you are looking for, do you want something similar to the apple case w/ the flap that folds out for better viewing experiences or a slim case that only protects the backpiece. But the thing you must have is a good screen protector, that's first and foremost.
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    Target has some iPad cases now that aren't available in other stores.
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    I was only able to find the Apple case in the Target Store and online. I am going to check it out again.
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    So I just got back from the Apple Store, Target & Best Buy.

    Target did have some cases I've not seen anywhere else, which was cool but not what I was looking for.

    Best Buy had a stylus for the app, which I almost got but realized it wasn't a necessity.

    I went with the Apple case. See how I like it.
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    Congrats on the score. I use the Apple case as well and I have the Targus stylus. I like the Apple case but I am looking for something a little thicker with a pocket.
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    I've had the Griffin Passport Elan and in fact used it even last night at a friend's kickback.

    The pocket inside allows me to accumilate notes and stash them there till day's end for later processing...or last night I used it to carry a CD later to my car to listen on the car ride home. It's a nice leather case, and looks more like a portfolio then you're carrying an iPad; which is something I don't think is gonna sit well with me and this Apple Case.

    In fact, having this Apple Case is gonna make me want to get the new InCase Sling Backpack that specifically has a slot for the iPad & a velvet slot for the MBP.


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