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What setup do you use for DVD to Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by soLoredd, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I'm wondering what type of computer setups everyone uses for converting their DVDs to :apple:TV? I just got my :apple:TV yesterday but have been SLOWLY converting my DVD library to :apple:TV/iPhone files using my MacBook & HandBrake. I'm curious about the time it takes, though. It takes my MacBook C2D 2.0Ghz about 2 hours and 15 minutes for a 2 hour movie. Is that pretty much on par with what is to be expected?

    Another thing I've thought about is maybe building a small PC dedicated to converting my movies (my fiance and I have a ton!). Anyone have some recommendations on what type of hardware is best? I'd like to get it down to an hour and a half for converting, if possible - what would I need?

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    I've been converting mine using Handbrake on the Apple TV setting, limiting it to 60% of the original quality (to keep file size in check) and then restricting the video dimensions so they'll fit on my soon-to-be-purchased iPod touch. Doing this in m4v format takes about 75% of the time of the movie length, so not too bad. What I've found helps is to rip the DVD content entirely onto an external hard drive which is a much shorter process, then queue up a bunch of movies in handbrake while I'm at work or asleep. This prevents lots of downtime, and also prevents switching out DVDs all night when I'm at home. Hope this helps! :cool:
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    I use my "homebrew" Core2Quad Q9450@2,8 GHz normally under Windows. PS3 Setting, set to 2000kbits, deinterlacing on 2 Pass encoding with first pass in Turbo mode. The first pass gives about 100fps and the second about 55 fps. Unfortunately i had to go down from 3,2 and 3 GHz processor to 2.8 GHz as i had stability issues.
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    To the OP, I am using some complex settings (see my settings on first page of Sticky). It is taking me about the same time if not longer on my iMac (see sig). I am in a position where most of my movies are converted and I just convert any new movies I buy. If Apple would just release HD purchase movies, it would be a lot easier (and cheaper)
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    I also use the settings from the sticky (2500 bit rate, strict anamorphic, etc). My real aim is just to see what kind of hardware everyone is converting on. Right now I only have a MacBook so when I convert it takes away my computer for a couple hours, so I'm looking to see if it's really worth it to build a small PC for the job or not. I'm thinking 2 hours for a 1:45 movie is pretty standard unless one had an octo-core or something. And that is way too much for me.

    I'm really impressed at the quality of my movies that the sticky produced. They look great on my iPhone and apple tv.
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    Tom B.

    I suggest you try using MacTheRipper to extract the main feature from each DVD, because it only takes about half an hour, and uses hardly any processing power, then you can queue them up to be encoded by HandBrake overnight while you sleep, and/or during the day if your MacBook is not with you. This works great because it improves encoding speeds, and means you don't have to swap disks every couple of hours. I use a MacBook too, by the way.
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    Cave Man

    Yeah, sounds about right for a MacBook using the Apple TV preset.

    My Quad Core Hac does a single-pass transcode in about 35 min, and a 2-pass in about 50 min. :D
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    Currently, that is what I do. I usually do 2 or 3 movies at a time and use main feature to the hard drive then convert when I sleep or will not be using the Mac. Thanks for the suggestion though :) I'm probably making more out of this than need be...

    Cave Man - I'm jealous!! :D
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    Apple TV preset in Handbrake, with 2-pass encoding.
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    Ditto for me. I tick the "turbo first pass" button, but if I'm honest, I have no idea if it makes any difference. It's like the old days with PCs and Turbo buttons. Who the hell ever said "nah this thing is running at 16 Mhz which is fast enough for me". No one me thinks. :rolleyes:
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    Untick it and see :D
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    I use handbrake too, used to use magic dvd ripper on my pc, but there isn't one for mac. It would take 45 min for 1 and half movie in good quality. Handbrake is ok, but the time to rip is longer. I don't understand why it taking 2 hours for an hour and 45 min movie as it takes 1 hour to rip an hour and a half movie on my macbook

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