What should I do with my PowerMac G5 Quad?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GyroFX, Aug 13, 2011.

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    I have G5 Quad sitting at home collecting dust right now. I stopped using it because the pump for CPU A1 A2 was failing and it's idling at a temp of around 150 degree F while CPU B1 B2 idles at around 95+ F. these temps can only be achieved by running the machine in reduced energy mode. If it was on performance or Auto energy setting, the fans will come on like a jet engine and the CPU A temps will shoot through the roof. If I were playing games, the computer will eventually lock up and shut down.

    Even on reduced energy mode, i can't put it to sleep because if i wake it up, the fans will get up to 3000+rpms in a few sec. When i shut down the computer, I have to unplug the computer completely from the electrical socket and let it rest for a few min before restarting or 2 red leds in front of the case will light up and it might never really start up.

    My question is that, is it still worth fixing? I assume the cost it would take to fix the pump will probably be more than actually selling a perfectly fine G5 Quad. Any suggestions? Appreciate the input. thanx
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    Part it out. Then if you really still want a g5, get a dual 2.3 pci-e.
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    Turn it into a Macquarium?
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    I'd fix it. You can get a fully working pump assembly for sub $50. Replace the tubing and fluid with something better if you need to. I'd imagine you could still get $500 for a good configured and working G5 Quad since you're in the L.A. area.
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    sold my Quad last December for 900 AUS.. not to bad.. so yeah fix it mate :) you got nuthing to loose as non working G5's are sold for next to nada.
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    thanx for the suggestions. Where would i get a pump system for 50 bucks or so? And where can i get instructions on how to DYI? thanx again

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