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what software for my ibook???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by niconicocom, Dec 24, 2009.

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    hi there, i have got myself a second hand ibook, working on mac os x version 10.3.9,
    1.07ghz power pc g4
    1.25gb ddr sdram

    just wondering what is the newest OS i can put on it
    i have seen some mac osx 10.6 but it says i need an intel processor???
    many thanks for any help
    cheers nic
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    No this specific DVD will not work.
    If the photo is correct, then the DVD is gray, which means it is machine specific, and iBooks were out of production when Leopard arrived.

    You need to get the retail DVD of Leopard which costs more than 15USD at this time.

    But 10.4.11 will be a much better experience than 10.5.x, as Tiger doesn't need as much CPU and other resources as Leopard does, and the iBook has not that much of resources to give.
    The minimum system requirements for 10.5 are a G4 PPC CPU with at least 867MHz, and your iBook just has 200MHz more than that.
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    many thanks

    cheers for that will look into tiger

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