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What still needs doing to this image?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Glenn Wolsey, Feb 20, 2006.

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    Glenn Wolsey

    I recently took this picture and finally got some time to post process a few photos from that day in Photoshop and Aperture. I've done 20 images so far :)

    I have cloned a few things out, but what else needs doing to the revised picture until its complete? I feel I'm missing something but I cant put my finger to it...




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    For one thing it probably needs to be resized so we can see it in a normal browser window. But I'm also interested in seeing what some more experienced Photoshop users say.

    EDIT: Adding original photos to avoid confusion


    Original as Revised by OP
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    Orlando Furioso

    depends on how much work you want to do i suppose.

    I would try getting rid of the crane behind the building. The orange cones maybe? It is up to you.

    If you want to keep yourself busy for the next half an hour... get rid of all the people! hehe j/k.

    Nice post removal btw. (and nice shot of course)

    edit: the walkway (center) borders seem to be really dull compared to the rest of the image which is super-saturated. It stands out just a little. I would bump it's color up a tad, or bring the rest of the image down. Again, it is personal preference in the end.

    re-edit: nevermind the walkway thing.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Drag the image to your desktop and double click on it to view it in Preview. It will be easier :)

    Thanks, I only really found the cloning tool in Photoshop today so I'm learning :)
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    If nothing else, edit the orange cones out. Also, you might see if you can get rid of some of the shadows (ie, show more detail) on some of the plants, especially the hedges to the left. It's too bad those benches on the right side are there, the closest one especially looks like a monster :p
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    I used the darken highlight slider and took it up to 40%. See if you like the result...


    EDIT: I added a before/after image so you can see them side-by side


    Not for the 500 other people that look at this thread. Posting huge pictures like that is annoying.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    I've got a half hour, here goes :D
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    Orlando Furioso

    that is damn sexy!
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    No. Why not try and resize the picture so that the people that you want help from do not have to take extra steps to further accommodate you? :)

    I'd clone out the crane as stated, it's a bit over exposed (the clouds) and it's a bit soft.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Where do I find that slider? it looks great!

    I will just change the images in the first post to links, because I used the IMG tag to get these image in I have no idea how to resize, and imageshack kept timing out on upload. :)
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    I have Photoshop Elements 3, so it may be different for you. Its under Enhance, Adjust Lighting, Shadows/Highlights...

    I would take some of those marks out of the sidewalk too.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Thanks :)

    I'm working on two revised versions now. One with the cones and people gone. And another with the people, cones, and benches gone. I will upload them once finished.
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    Clix Pix

    What is really the focus of this shot in the first place? As it is, speaking as a viewer coming to it "cold," I'm not getting a lot from it.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    It is part of an image set of the Government Gardens in Rotorua. This is the first image in the set as its the entrance of the gardens. I opened it with this shot, and closed it with a shot looking out of the gate.
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    The OP posted a photo he had taken and wanted some advice on what he needed to do to it in Photoshop.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    You have to be careful about "editing" an image in PS.

    Your removal of the shadows as you displayed may be how you wanted to see it. But was it natural to the rest of the image?
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    Clix Pix


    I realize THAT. My point is that the image itself as presented to us doesn't really convey a cohesive message to the viewer.

    Glenn, if you want to show the government gardens, that's fine, but perhaps a shot of some specific aspect of the gardens would be better. The shot of the rather lengthy stretch of pavement leading to the building in the distance is, well, confusing to the person coming to this "cold." Was your intent to show the building? Why not be closer? Was your intent something else? Why not show that something else instead? Doing a lot of cloning-out of extraneous stuff may not solve the bottom-line issue here. The viewer doesn't know, can only guess from what he/she is seeing in the finished image, and, well, to be blunt, if the actual focal point isn't clear, the viewer will be confused.

    This is different from the shot you had of the park bench looking off into the distance. See if you can figure out just why that shot worked for many of us while this one does not...
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    Sorry, I misread your post.
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    Glenn Wolsey

  20. Lau

    I would agree about the shadows. Because of the hedge having a shadow, it now looks "wrong" (as in the physics) without the shadow over the path. It was the first thing that struck me when I looked at it. In this situation, I would say if you wanted the path clean, you should have taken it when the sun was in a different place, and so the rest of the shadows would look natural. If that wasn't possible, I would say you might have to put up with the shadow over the path.

    (Well, actually, the first thing that struck me was "Christ that's a big attachment", but that's not important right now :p )
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    General Question: How do you edit out a pole or cone without leaving a big white blank spot in your image?

    Anyway, the clouds in the photo are too soft, and I like the photo without the shadows, but when you do that, remember what Chip said and make sure it makes sense with the rest of the photo. How can a lamp have absolutely no shadow while everything else seems to?

    So maybe he should have walked 10 metres forward before taking the photo, or just zoomed and cropped so that the house was the focus. Right now, it's probably the path, although that wouldn't make much sense either seeing as how it leads your eyes towards the house.
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    I'm not a big fan of this. it looks like a typical Canon-ish over-saturated, over-contrasted digicam photo now. it doesn't feel real at all
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    I was thinking something similar. He ought to paint yellow bricks on the road and sing "we're off to see the wizard..." because it doesn't even feel like a real place. It's too perfect.
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    crop horizontal and desaturate.

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    Mr. Anderson


    That's the first thing I would have done - much more interesting - especially since you don't really need all that sidewalk up in front - the lines draw you to the building.

    Get rid of the crane and scaffolding on the left of the building as well.


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