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What the new classic could have been...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JWest, Sep 9, 2008.

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    I made a nice little mock-up of what SHOULD have been introduced today. I give you, the (fake) new iPod classic :)

    General all-around view:


    And the genius list feature:

    Tell me watcha think people :cool:
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    I assume it has the accelerometer as well ...
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    Yes, it would have all the features of the new nano.
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    but not shake to shuffle i hope lol
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    And at least a TB capacity! Just kidding, but I bet you were planning on more than 120GB.
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    Yah, I think they should have gone with a 120/240 GB combo (up from the 80/160 GB of the previous gen).
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    It's fine, but the click wheel and screen are too close together.

    And the res of the screen isn't high enough, ie, too few lines of text on such a big screen.
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    I used a smaller photo of the new nano, hence the slightly lower res.

    I may move the click wheel down if I have a little more spare time, but I think this pic illustrates what updates should have been added to the classic.
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    K, I adjusted the click wheel. Better?
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    That's actually pretty f*cking cool.
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    i like
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    Look nice.:D
    Maybe with different hard drive capacities though.
    Can you make a picture of the back saying 240GB?
    That would make me feel happy. XD
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    Hehe, thanks guys. Maybe I can make a few more mock-ups tomorrow, but for the time being I've got some homework to do (yay, college).
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    There you go, pissing away time on the computer when you should have been doing homework. :rolleyes:

    College...procrastinate...homework...Brings memories! :D :p
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    Made more pics because I have nothing better to do (well, homework, but I did some of it!)
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    I would have like this. I feel the iPod line up has gotten to big. Too much overlapping.
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    totally awesome, except one thing. up the capacity to 240GB!:D

    I'd buy that!

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    Looks very nice. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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    It might not be wide enough to accommodate the HDD. Sorry to rain on your parade! :eek:
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    Agree completely; except for one further matter, namely, you have not told us the intended battery life; preferably, it should be extremely long lasting/living in order to play our extensive music libraries.
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    WAIT, so with the iPod nano and iPod touch you can make a genius playlist right on it without using iTunes, but you can't do it on the iPod classic?!
    That's so not cool.
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    Insulin Junkie

    The mockup's form factor's awesome. I wouldn't complain if the new classics looked like that =)
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    I'm more keen on the traditional layout for the Classic. But 120gb? Nooo. Moar plx.
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    Yah, I'm not sure if they could fit the HDD in there myself, but I'm sure those Apple engineers could come up with something :)

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