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What the VGA card compatible with Power Mac G5(late 2005)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by datdaigia, Apr 6, 2013.

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    The original my Power Mac G5 Graphic card is 6600 gt 256mb,128bit, i wanna upgrade VGA card better
    So any suggestion VGA card can be choose(Driver update automatically)
    How about 9800gt? Where i can get driver for it?

    Thanks & BR
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  3. Colpeas, Apr 6, 2013
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    Probably the best and the cheapest way to upgrade your Mac's GPU is to flash a compatible PC card. I suggest you looked for these:

    • 7800GTX 512MB (very rare, but reportedly the most powerful option when flashed with Quadro ROM. Ignore the common 256MB version)
    • Quadro FX4500 512MB (must have a silver heatsink on the bottom side, the version w/out it may not work)
    • Radeon X1900XT / GT 256MB (I suggest getting XT because it's noticeably quieter. Probably the 2nd best thing for typical day to day usage if you can't get 7800GTX or just don't feel like spending too much money)
    • Radeon X1950XT / GT 256MB (basically the same as above, take whatever is better accessible for you. Good thing is that you can get these fairly cheap.)

    All of these will perform great under 10.5 Leopard as it has all the drivers pre-loaded. The rest of the cards mentioned in the article linked by MisterKeeks is trash not and worth the money. I personally use a flashed X1950XT in my G5 and can't complain, however the choice is up to you.

    All you need to flash a card is a PC and a suitable ROM for the card. Google it.

    P.S. 9800GT won't work under any circumstances.

    I hope it answers your question.
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    Thanks for reply.
    one more question, I know all the drivers pre-loaded but in case i can find the card for G5( For windows in the market mean is Asus, gigabyte....) driver still pre-load or i must flash firmware, rom... etc to compatible with G5. In case must be flashing firmware, how to do it?

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    No, the card WILL NOT work with G5 unless it's flashed because PC VBIOS is not compatible with PPC BIOS. There are numerous topics about flashing G5 card all over the this forum. Pick a card you would like to flash and search the forum for it.

    Also there's this page, themacelite.com, which is dedicated to flashing Mac GPUs. A lot of useful information there.
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    Nice reply, Thanks for support

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