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What to buy: Klipsch 2.0 or 2.1 speakers

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by bobfitz14, Aug 14, 2011.

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    hi there, just trying to get some advice from those Mac users with some audio expertise and experience. i need to buy some speakers. am i better off with two book shelf speakers or a complete 2.1 system (satellites and a most likely horrible subwoofer)?

    budget is basically ~$300. i've found this pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers that i'm really liking, although i don't really know what to look for in regards to specs on speakers. i've been comparing that pair with this 2.1 Klipsch system.

    which is the better choice? i'm also considering a USB amp or something like it to bypass the average soundcard in my MBP. i have a feeling the best setup would be a USB amp + the bookshelf pair but i want other opinions before i buy anything. typical needs are focused on music with the ability for loud crisp sounding output when necessary. i listen to all types of music in case that matters.
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    I have the 2.1 Pro-Media for many years now and it's a really nice system. The volume can also be impressive if you want.

    Take the 2.1. The sub-woofer makes the whole difference.
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    I'd have to agree.
    2.1 is much better than 2.0.
    You get better bass performance, and your neighbors will be less bothered by it, paradoxically.
    At least that's my experience.
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    I would go for something bigger and more robust.

    Like the Onkyo HTS3400 5.1 System. Way more bang for your buck, excellent sound and good volume levels. Plus you can run 5.1 for videos.
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    the thing is my neighbors for the majority of the time i will have the speakers are very close because i live at college. right now i'm home so i typically just use headphones for music anyways but when at school i'll need something loud, and i promised my room mates i'd provide the speakers because i'm the most addicted to music out all of us.

    absolutely not, i should have mentioned i'll be bringing the system to college and i do not want that complicated mess. if i was furnishing a house or an apartment then i would definitely consider this.

    i've read around a little bit on audiophile forums and most seem to come to the general consensus that the subwoofer provided with most 2.1 sound systems are constructed cheaply and designed poorly because they're compact and affordable, and that this drastically reduced subwoofer isn't worth it. instead most suggest that you should buy a nicer 2.0 system and you could always add a really nice subwoofer later as needed.

    honestly, i'm still leaning towards buying the 2.0 system versus the 2.1. the bigger delivery the 2.0 speakers will have in mid range and highs are more appealing to me than having run of the mill satellites and an ok subwoofer. at the moment i'm willing to sacrifice the lack of a low range for a better performance in the other two ranges.

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