What to Choose - RB or RR or LB or ????

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ArchiMark, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Feb 2, 2003
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    Wondered if anyone has used RB or RR (Runtime Revolution) or LB (LibertyBasic) and could comment on them in terms of whether they'd be a good app for a code noob/hobbyist like me???

    I don't have lots of time for this (have full-time job...), but I would like to get into something that is not too difficult to learn....

    Have dabbled here and there with Basic, C, C++ and read a few books over the past few years, but haven't gotten too far with any of them due to lack of time.

    However, from this effort I do have a pretty good overview of what this is all about, but now need to jump in to one environment and start using it regularly for awhile as I have some more time now than before....

    So, would you guys consider RB or Rev or LibertyBasic a reasonable approach for a guy like me???

    Or should I consider _____ that was not mentioned above????

    Thanks for any and all input!

    Proverbial Code Noob....
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    Those all cost money.

    Why not learn Ruby? You can write command line apps and GUI apps. It's just as easy as basic but so much more powerful. Don't forget it's already bundled with your Mac.
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    Thanks for your input, kainjow....

    Forgot to mention that

    A) I'm interested in cross-platform solution....so is Ruby cross-platform?

    B) Don't mind spending a few $'s if it's right approach for me...although not against a free solution either if it's the right one....
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    Yes, Ruby is cross-platform. Python is also an excellent cross-platform language that is powerful and easy to learn (it's also installed by default in OS X). Perl as well although I personally find Perl obtuse and unfriendly (YMMV). Once I would have recommended Java, but IMO it's become rather bloated and overly complicated.

    Try to think of the kinds of things you'll want to do with this language, that may determine which is best.
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    Feb 2, 2003
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    Thanks for your input, HiRez.....

    Good to know about Ruby....have heard good things before about Python...

    As for what I want to do, that's good question....have various things in mind from mundane apps to '3D parametric CAD library objects' later on.....

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