What to do with my old Powerbook G3

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nes11, Nov 7, 2006.

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    I just got an old Powerbook G3 (333mhz/128RAM/9GB/CD-Drive) back from a friend. I bought a PB G4 since i gave the G3 away, and now don't really know what i could use my old Powerbook G3 for.
    Any advice on what it could be used for? And what OS i should install on it (use it as a OS9 only computer, etc.)?
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    Ah, I love those older Powerbooks. I think you should give it to me!

    Or, if you don't want to go that route, you could get a wireless card for it, install Panther, and use it as a daily commuting computer, and leave the G4 at home.
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    I agree, use the G3 for on the bus, on the tube, on the train, in the cafe, all those 'risky' situations where you're at slightly higher risk than normal of having your laptop damaged by spilled drinks or stolen.

    I used to have an old G3 iBook before I gave it to my father, and I loved taking it out on the bus, and other places where I would have never pulled out my G4 15'' PB, wich was worth about 4x the G3.
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    yeah they make good web browsing, e-mail, etc... machines.. in fact i use my pismo all the time
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    Yeah and if someone tries to mug you, you can close it up and whack them on the head with it.
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    If you have kids, give it to them. Whenever I buy a new Mac, I get the new one, give my old on to the wife and hers goes to my oldest kid, and hers goes to my youngest.

    In my current upgrade cycle, the youngest has the Pismo so it is slated for retirement when I get a new PB (likely next year).

    With that said, I still love the styling of the Pismo case and it works quite well for my 6 year old.
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    yeah i love my pismo :)...kinda funny ur 6 year old is using a pismo? what does she do with it exactly?
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    Powerbook G3

    I use my pismo to play iTunes, it's connected to my stereo and a 80GB hard drive with all my music. It's very good at that ;) Occasionally also to browse the net etc. I once used it as a back up system for a week when I sent my PB G4 to Apple for a display replacement (white spots). No problems whatsoever.

    Battery's dead but the pismo no longer needs moving.

    Still very useful after 6.5 years.
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    Give it to a charity and get a tax receipt... or use it as a door stop!
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    use it as a file-server
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    yeah could do that as well

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