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What to do with Powermac Dual 450?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kmarketing, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Sad enough I just sold my 12' powerbook. I figure I could use some cash now for other things, and will really start using the macbook pro as a mobile instead of the desktop replacement that it was.

    I also was able to get a PM dual 450mhz for $50. It has a 40gb Hard drive and 384mb memory. I was wondering what everyone's take on it would be.

    i have offers from people who want to buy it just the way it is for $150. Do you think that I should just sell it?

    If I do keep it, it would probably be mainly used by my wife for music and photos, ocassional photoshop, backing up dvd movies. I had an 80gb hard drive lying around so I put that in (120gb HD space now), and I had a 128mb chip which makes it 512mb memory. We don't really play games or anything like that, but I will be wokring on a website, so it may be used to help manage that along with the macbook pro which will be my primary computer now (i am paying for a dedicated server also).

    And if I do keep it, the possible upgrades that I would be looking into include:
    USB 2.0 Card
    possibly more memory
    Maybe a better video card

    We were also looking to get an imac, and the money from the sale of the powerbook (and the powermac) could help in that, but if the powermac could suffice maybe would look into as few minor upgrades as possible to keep us happy.

    So what do you think, keep it or sell it?

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    I'd sell it and get a iMac if you're going to drop that much money on upgrades.
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    Sell it. The iMac 17" and 20" are insanely good values for the money and will kick the G4 around the block for performance.

    You could easily drop $400 - $500 in upgrading the G4. Put that with your $100 profit from selling, and you're almost halfway to an iMac.
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    yeah, it does make sense to just move up to an imac or mac mini.

    It seems the one upgrade I would have to do is the usb card which would probably cost around $20.

    Any chance you think a $70 computer is good to keep, or should I just make the $100 and move on?

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    If you have a practical use for it then yes. I can see RAM and maybe the hard drive being the only major upgrades needed to make it s good web browsing and iTunes machine.

    Don't expect iLife or much else. It's worth more selling it and getting an iMac.
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    With Dual 450mhz processors, you can still do a lot. It will make a great basic machine just as it is. Also, an excellent web server for your own personal web site.
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    Forget the video card upgrade, it wont make any difference in the things you listed. But, do maxDaRam 4 sure and be happy :p
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    It's a tough decision, because there are a few people who want to buy it for the $150 also.

    so with the original $50 for the machine, an usb 2.0 card for $20, and 1gb memory for probably around $100, is this still a good deal for $170, or should I just move on?

    I'm not sure how intensive my needs are, but with the money that we got back/made with the powerbook, we could go towards a mini or imac.

    What do you think?
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    I vote for selling it for $150 and putting it towards a new Intel based Mac. Even after upgrading the Dual 450, you still have to wonder how long it will suffice as a usable machine. On the other hand, even a new Mac Mini should last far longer.

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