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What to download

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TheBusDriver, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Ok i have a 5g iPod video 30gig and i was wondering what format are music videos I.E. (MP4 MOV) to get them to work on it because i am having a hell of a time lol.
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    Um.. idk if these questions are allowed on here.. seems like ur trying to pirate stuff...
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    MP4 works fine as long as it's converted to 320x240 resolution. Not so sure about MOV though, but I assume it's the same with MP4. :)
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    The movies you download from the iTunes Store are .m4v format. They are .mp4 files with attached FairPlay DRM encoded at ~1.5Mbps video/128kbps audio with the H.264 encoder (Baseline LC profile) at a resolution of 640x480.
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    ok i got it onto my iPod but it came over without anysound???:confused:

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