What to use on XP for MKV to M4V (ATV)

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Billy Boo Bob, Oct 8, 2009.

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    Billy Boo Bob

    For about a week and a half I'm going to have access to a couple of XP machines that will be idle and I'd like to put them to work. I have a bunch of MKV HD flicks that I'd like to convert to ATV m4v (or mp4).

    Right now what I'm using on my Mac is Handbrake on the ATV setting (then pushing the size back to full 720p), which play just fine on my ATV.

    So, what should I look for to put on these PCs that'll do the same job? I guess I could just use Quicktime (assuming I can get the plugs in that will show the files to begin with), but that seems to be a bit slow, and it's a bit hard to queue the jobs. Granted I could search around on Google, but I thought I'd go for experienced answers here.
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    Billy Boo Bob

    D'Oh! Hmmm. I was thinking that HB was a Mac only thing. Now that you rattle my (old fart) memory I guess I slightly remember reading about it being cross platform. Duh!.
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    It's alright.

    I have the latest snapshot installed on my Core i5 750 tower. It's much faster than my MacBook. Sadly it doesn't do transcoding straight from DVD. I have to rip the disc first and then encode.
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    It will if you have a copy of AnyDVD running in the background as it will strip away the copy protection on-the-fly.
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    I had DVD43 running when I was in Windows.
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    Billy Boo Bob

    Eee-Gads. That PC version is horrendous. The UI for it, that is. I like using the Mac version a LOT better. I suppose the end result should be fine, but... jeez. That would drive me crazy to try and do lots and lots on it. Guess I'll leave it for the longer movies rather than TV shows so I have to enter that UI hell as little as possible.
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    Have a google for a utility called Super - it will convert anything to anything.


    EDIT: Saved you the bother - http://www.erightsoft.com/Superdc.html
    The interface is fairly gross, but what it does is pretty amazing

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