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What Wii games should i buy?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by mattportner, Jun 3, 2007.

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    I am going to purchase a Nintendo Wii soon and I was trying to figure out what games to buy. I am probably going to get three games to start.

    Which three would you reccomend? (in order)
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    My favorites are Excite truck and Red steel! Also Zelda is a must have and you might want to get Guitar Hero 3 when it comes out for the Wii I'm not sure when that is though.

    Red Steel
    Excite Truck
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    Report(should be in console section)

    Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
    Super Paper Mario
    Madden '07
    The Godfather

    Are all good games...Super Paper Mario isn't as good as I wanted, but still worth picking up IMO. Mario Party 8 is on my to buy list. Up coming games like Battle Revolution and Mario Strikers both look good. Manhunt(not sure of the launch for this, but its going to be great too) And Metriod Prime 3 in August will be amazing!
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    It is a great game but the only down side is the stupid sound track and really unrealistic sound effects. I would also recommend buying some wii shopping points as there are great games on the Wii Shopping Channel.
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    And the rest of the game is realistic? :p The great thing is that you just pop in a SD card with your favorite tunes and use that instead of the game soundtrack.

    My "best" list:
    Excite Truck
    Zelda Twilight Princess
    Super Paper Mario
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    Ok you got me there but the sound effects sound like a 10 year old boy making truck noise.
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    Excite Truck
    Metal Slug Anthology.

    In that order. I haven't even heard an original track in Excite Truck. I had an SD card full of my top 10 MP3's back from my Pocket PC days and just stuck that in.
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    i was disapointed with zelda anda have been for about 10years. Ocarina was the last greatest zelda. i am tired of people saying every zelda game that comes out is the best game because it says 'Zelda' Ninendo do make it into an rpg instead of this adventure bs, and give him a voice and a pair
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    No voice for link. A pair?
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    Zelda TP. Absolutely the best Zelda ever, if not ever. It is truly the best bestest adventure game. :)

    Super Paper Mario.
    Madden 07.

    And because it's fun to game with friends;
    Mario Party 8.

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    He means a pair of man jewels. ;)
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    I'm about to throw my controller through the TV because of TP. Hands down it's a fantastic game...I've been putting in about 4-6 hours a day on it (so much for my playing games that weren't so time consuming) but the controls peeve me to no end. There are really simple puzzles that are made slightly difficult only because the stupid camera and the analog stick. But definitely get it.

    Then Super Paper Mario.

    Other than those two for me the more "must buy" games have been cube games. There are games I'm interested to play for the Wii but some of the cube games I missed are getting priority due to strength of title and cost.

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    Or get 4000 Wii points and buy-
    Link to the Past
    Mario World
    Streets of Rage 2
    R-Type 1
    Ocarina of Time

    And let peace be upon ye. If there ever was a "Best games ever" compilation album, these would be on it.
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    Still prefer WindWaker :p

    O(ff)T but Qi - It'll be interesting to see if all the nay-sayer of WindWaker's visual style will take to The Phantom Hourglass.

    Back O(n)T

    I'm still waiting for the truly killer Wii title yet. The best Wii game i've played is still Wii Sports.
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    At this point I'd wait until Madden 08, and some of the online features. I have 07 but didn't get the Wii until the football season was darn close to over so I didn't have much urge to play... If I ever get the time to finish Twilight Princess it might occupy some of my time, but the Wii time is a rarity these days.

    I might also recommend Wii Play, if only for the extra Wiimote. It's not a bad set of games for the extra $10, although I'm not sure I'd pay more than $20 for the games themselves.
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    my recommendations are for:

    the legend of zelda: twilight princess
    super paper mario

    instead of getting a third game, i suggest putting that money into virtual console games. there's a great library of games out for it already: star fox 64, zelda: ocarina of time and link to the past, punch-out and lots more.
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    Anyone who complains about Wind Waker is teh suck.
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    -Mario Strikers Charged (if you're in PAL-land like me, this is hands down the best Wii game so far)
    -Legend of Zelda TP (very solid, the first Zelda game I've played);
    -Warioware (brilliant party mini-games)
    -Monkeyball Banana Blitz (best use of the tilt mechanism, plus loads of great minigames)
    -Godfather Blackhand (great use of the controller - a good game if you like violent mission-based gaming)
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    I keep flipflopping between wanting Smash Football or waiting :( I only hear great things about it and it looks a whole world of fun.
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    i think he meant, pair of rupees:p
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    I'm just waiting for the Wii version of Wind Waker and PH is on my big-time want list. WW is easilly one of my favorite games and visually it's the kind of game I like the best. I just wanted to say the bestest-best-best-stuff about ZTP, since that other peep was sick of others expressing their like of Zelda. :)

    Buy MP8! :p

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    I can't recommend it highly enough. There are just so many good players on there already that it's hard to do well online!
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    Corrosive vinyl

    LoZ: TP!!
    Rayman raving rabbids hi-larious bunnies don't fly!
    wii play! its $50 and you get a controller with it
    Red Steel, if you like the shoot em up games
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    Really? I played it at a friend's house and thought it was tedious. The worst Wii game I've played so far, actually.:(

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