What will happen to iOS 5 GM Release when iOS 5 will officially Launch..

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by MacKid1983, Oct 12, 2011.

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    What will happen to iOS 5 GM release when iOS 5 will officially be launched today, I have installed iOS 5 GM release on my iPhone 4, from a download off the internet. it was an ispw file.

    Will iTunes ask me again to install the update, can anyone help? :(

    Also, the build on my iOS5 GM is (9A334) will this number be different on the "Official Launch version"? -I just don't want an issue on my phone if i need to bring it to Apple and they see that and ask questions.
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    Well only way to know is to click update on iTunes. Since iOS 5 just been out!
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    But yeah I want to know if the build number will change. Does anyone have an answer?

    I have my iPhone connected to iTunes and I hit check for update and it says " 5.0 is the current version"

    But I go to settings / general / software update on my iPhone and it says "unable to check for update" error occurred.... HMPH
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    Well like I said! why don't u try to click update, and see if it will do that!
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    ummm, that is also answered in that link, did you read the thread?
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    I'm also on ios5 beta 7 on iphone, check for updates, and it says current version.
    On iPad 2 it's now downloading new public ios5. How do I get the public version on the iphone
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    The build numbers are identical. The release today is the same as the GM release. They are exactly identical - you're all good! :cool:
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    I'm not good. I'm on beta 7 not GM
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    Does it detect the update? If not, use the direct links and shift-restore to the new IPSW.
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    Do an iCloud backup, restore to the GM build, and restore from backup.

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    Do you know the links to download the GM realise?


    Do you know the links to download the GM realise?
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