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What will next G4 Pbook Speed be?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Rezet, Jul 6, 2003.

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    Well, since most agree, G5 Pbooks won't be coming for quite a while, I assume that they will most likely upgrade G4 Pbooks in the near future.
    But what do you think they will make the processor speed of 15" Pbook?
    Do you think it will be atleast 1.25 Ghz?
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    I won't even consider getting one unless its 1.3 GHz, at the least... 1.3 is what I'm expecting.
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    I'm thinking 1.25 Ghz. Seems the 1.42 was running too hot in the Power Macs, so I doubt they'll be suitable for the PowerBooks. There are rumors that Moto was delivering new G4's soon (7457?) that consumed less power. Maybe thats what Apple has been waiting for :D .

    Honestly though, I could care less. Just give me a 15" Al-Book, with the AirPort Extreme and a few other goodies the 17" PB has, and I'll be happy with a 1 Ghz G4. I desperatly need a new machine, and I've waited long enough for a 15" PB revision :( .
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    yeah, i agree. it'll probably be 1.25. I'm really getting desperate for one too. the sooner the better... Aluminum, bluetooth built-in, etc.
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    I want one as well but i hope they have this "warping" effect the PB's have under control.

    Also i'm thinking i should wait for panther to be released...save myself the money on upgrading the machine.
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    which warping effect is that?
    heat issue?
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    Sun Baked

    Looking at the bus-to-core frequency chart, with a 167MHz bus the 7457(1300) processor should run about 1.25GHz (at 7.5x)

    But I can see everybody whining about the chip if they run it at 1.33GHz (at 8x), because it's overclocked 30 Mhz -- sort of like they do the 20MHz on the 7455r3.3(1400). :rolleyes:
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    LOl CrackedButter.

    Do you have nothing better to do than register a domain name for one senstense?
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    Some of the Albooks (including my 17") tends to warp, i.e. not sit flat on a level surface now and then. It's nothing significant, and a gentle twist puts it back into shape, at least for me. Hooray for aluminum!
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    I am going to have to go with the consensus, and say that the next revision will be a 1.25 GHz G4. Maybe then the 12 will get a 1 GHz processor. The powerbooks need a revision bad.
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    Yeah, I'm hoping the whole model lineup gets updated as soon as possible! I'm really wanting to get a second generation 12" powerbook.

    I agree that the 12" will probably have a 1Ghz G4, and the 15"/17" will get 1.25Ghz G4s.

    Let's hope they come in the Macworld CreativePro expo next week!
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    Aren't the 867MHz G4 12" PB's already too hot as it is? I hope it goes to 1GHz as well, and I hope the 15" and 17" both go to 1.25GHz asap, but I'm not too sure about that 12".
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    I am going to go with 1.33, like the xServes. I know the reason that Apple went with 1.33 GHz because 1.42 was just too hot for it. I would suspect 1.33 would be used in place of 1.42 for the same reasons.
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    Re: What will next G4 Pbook Speed be?

    12" inch to 1.0 or 1.25 ghz

    15" and 17" inch to 1.42 ghz

    next revision after that, within six months, to G5 processor

    ..but we will still be behind wintel, but less so
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    i've seen a warped 12" display model, but i figured that was due to extreme heat and general banging around. if i spent good money for a 17" and it warped, i might cry like a little baby.
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    I agree with the 1.25 Ghz update; I'd be happy with that! I'll buy one! I cancelled my order for that new G5 the other day with MacZone. I thought to myself after reading an article on CreativePro that I really could wait for the display revisions to change to Al-finishes and for the G5 to get up to at least 2.5 Ghz before I buy.
    Besides, if the economy does indeed pick up within the next couple of months (they keep saying that, I'm still waiting!) and I get a heavy-duty 3D graphics project to work on, then I'll just get an XServe G5 fully loaded. I need the extra storage anyways, who doesn't?!

    Cost is the primary factor in this.
    A dual G5 with a 20 in. monitor will set me back at least $4,200, not to mention that the equipment doesn't match, although that is a minor quibble.

    While the next 17 in. PB revision with a 1.25 Ghz should fall in price to be around $3,199, due to the G5 debuting. With education discounts, you get the picture on that! Just release it and consider it a done deal!
    I e-mailed PowerLogix about the 750GX 1.1Ghz as a possibility to be included in a Pismo upgrade; that might also be a cost effective solution to my predictiment.
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    Apple just hurry up

    Man I sure hope they hurry up with their revisions cause I need to buy a laptop in late Aug. early Sept. from someone. I switched in Dec. but my ibook isn't gonna cut it for my thesis project. I wanna give Apple my money but they need to update the PB cause I would love to get the G4 PM but its to big to take on a plane.
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    Anyone else having trouble sleeping now that we're supposedly a week away from a new powerbook? :)
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    One Week!

    Where did you hear this? God I hope its true cause I really do want a PB.
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    Not me but if they don't update I will be pretty mad. Apple won't piss off this many people . . . will they???:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    not if they want my damn money.

    It's literally sitting on my desk gathering dust. Easiest money they could ever make- All they have to do is put out the machine.

    C'mon Apple. If you don't take it, it's just gonna get blown on strippers and booze. :rolleyes:
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    Same here they better hurry up, cause there are things already tempting me to switch back;) like HL2, Battlefield 1942.
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    15" Aluminium PowerBook is playing hard to get. It better be worth the wait.
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    I would expect Apple to use the 7457 and not anything any of the current G4's it currently has available, one reason why they may have dumped the 1.42Ghz from the Power Mac. The 7457 at 1.3GHz uses 10% more power, twice the on-chip cache the predecessor has and a 200MHz FSB. AT 1.2GHz, the power consumption should be around the same as the current 1GHz.

    The big question is when will the 7457 be out?
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    Well, the rumors say in the september/october timeframe... which means no new powerbooks any time soon? Or maybe it means we'll get new powerbooks running on the older processor.

    I can't wait! :)

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