What would you pay for a working Apple IIe Computer?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by jogo23, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Just for reason of information:

    What would you give me for this little piece of memory?
    It's in a good, working condition with a extra monitor and 2 Drives with those big coulored apples on them. This baby is vintage...

    Thanks for replying...

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    If it came with all the manuals, floppies, keyboard, mouse, ect. and was in good to excellent condition, about $25.
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    Hmmm, kind of hard to be missing the keyboard on an Apple IIe... (it was one box including the keyboard - monitor was seperate)
    The mouse did not really exist until 1984 (The Apple IIe came out around 1981 and never had a mouse even in later revisons)

    Ah... That was my first computer.... :D
    I was so used to text based that I did not like the mac when I first used it (everything was hidden behind icons :eek: ) - Many a paper was written on that box for my school classes...

    Ok, am I showing my age? Well, at least I was 10 when I was given the IIe
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    Someone just paid $530 on a working Lisa on eBay. I suppose the Lisa's are worth more than the ][e, but still seems like a lot. All I can say is that if I had a working Lisa, I wouldn't want to part with it :D
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    The LISA was produced in smaller numbers, and killed off quick, if I remember correctly. The Apple II was produced in really high numbers, and there are still a lot around. That's why the LISA is worth more, especially if you can find a LISA 1 un-upgraded. Saw one go on eBay for $7000 :eek:
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    wow, I wish I had $7000 lying around to spend on a 20 year old computer :). I think the landfill should be oncovered to see if any of those Lisas still work :D
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    Well, it was decked out. It had been in a closet since 1985 or something. It came with all the original boxes, manuals & floppies .. even the sales receipt! It came with the printer & hard disk as well (5meg model I think.) Also it was the original Lisa 1, un-upgraded original ROM and the twin 'twiggy drives' not the Sony 3.5" drive.
    I don't remember how many bids there were, but it was something like 75.

    I just did a quick eBay check, and Lisas are going for $20~$100. That's cheap! :eek:
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    Well maybe the IIe never officially shipped with a mouse, but you could sure get one... Some apps took advantage of it or could be made to.
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    20-100 NO Way! I just sold a Lisa 2/5 for $468.32 and a Macintosh XL $324.95 it was a month ago or so but I have some more and they have bids check it out
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