Whatever happened to Hot Fuzz?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Gyrferret, Apr 9, 2009.

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    So, I had some spare change in my pocket and I went to the local Fry's to see if I could pick up a good movie at a decent price. Turns out that they had neither Hot Fuzz nor Night at the Roxbury in stock. I was a bit bummed, so I went home and checked iTunes to see if it had the movies. It doesn't have Night at the Roxbury, but it DOES have Hot Fuzz..... on PRE-ORDER!

    So, does anyone know why the f**k this movie is still on pre-order?

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    What country are you in?


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    United States Good sir.
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    In the US is says pre-order. That is really strange.
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    Well, this is interesting. The main page still displays the "2007" release date, though when i clicked onto the "reviews" section, this came up: Very interesting.... 4 days left......

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    Good movie.

    Probably just studio holding back content to blackmail iTunes into following variable pricing scheme.
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    Maybe they're just coming out with a new release. ya know, new bonus features, easter eggs and such.
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    Do iTunes features contain bonus stuff? I have never bought a movie there and this is one reason-oh yeah and the fact that you can't apparently back it up to a DVD to use in the car or wherever...

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