What's a good MMORPG with no monthly fees

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by magicjames92, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I need to find a good mmorpg, that you buy and then there are no monthly fees. No runescape or world of warcraft. I have a macbook. I don't want to run windows on my mac. <edit- windows is ok> Thanks for the help.
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    That's a tall order...

    Maybe Oberin?
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    Guild Wars? not entirely sure if there's a mac version. you have some very specific requirements that i doubt is met by macs.
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    not oberin, thats small scale. sucky graphics. guild wars would be nice if it was on mac. but its not.
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    well WOW gave everybody a good spankin and left them to run home to their mommies.
    you might want to try WOW: The burning crusade and buy like 4 year long subscriptions to avoid monthly subscriptions...
    that way its
    A) Good
    B) No monthly fees
    C) Technically not wow.
    D) runs on mac
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    you could at least try the 10 day Burning Crusade trial.
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    The only game I can think of offhand that would fit the criteria mentioned is Minions of Mirth.

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    Isn't there a new one like Uru, a myst sorta mmorpg?
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    While it is not strictly a Mac MMO, I can recommend EVE Online.
    Right now I play it under OS X using Crossover Office. Some tips for making it work under Crossover are posted on the main EVE forum.
    A supported native Mac version is in the works, and is promised this summer.
    EVE is a decidedly un-WOW, and quite unusual MMO.
    Give it a try!
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    Well, if you can wait 6 years I'll be done developing my MMOFPS...

    But it'll have a monthly subscription. Nevermind!
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    Everquest Mac version is good with a great community of Mac users. Or Second Life.
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    How about NeverWinter Nights? Lots of my friends play it they say it's cool :)
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    thanks for all the responses. i am trying wow and i like it but $140 a year is too much for me, plus when times up, all the moneys gone. you dont own it. if u know something i dont tell me. The neverwinter site didnt work. no minions. eve is not yet mac so no. Everquest sounds like it might be good. Can anyone confirm its mac, if uve played it tell me what you think, and tell me the pricing. thx!
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    edit: I'm silly.

    I like vendetta online.
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    monthly fee.
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    So does Everquest, plus you can only play against Mac gamers if you're on a Mac. What's wrong with Minions of Mirth? No monthly fee.

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    thx for the info, no everquest for me. minions seems smale scale but ill try it. does anyone know if boot camp +windows xp+ guild wars would work?
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    It'll work fine.
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    Just about all MMOs are based on paying a monthly fee as that is the business model that they all generally follow. The advantage to that is you get free monthly updates to the game mostly and the servers have good uptime.

    Out of what has been suggested EverQuest is by far the best MMO available on the Mac. It may be older than World of Warcraft but it is 100 times more enjoyable. I played it on the PC for about 4 or 5 years. The Mac version has all expansions up to Planes of Power I believe.
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    What are talking about...you call it wow, but then try at sell it as it not really being wow....are you making money from this? Or give him ideas??
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    Arcane Arena!
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    minions was horrible..o well i guess im gonna have to just boot camp guild wars. now that windows is an option is there anything better than guild wars that doesnt have monthly fees?
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    it is either monthly fee's or buy an expansion every couple of months your choice, about the same in price though.

    Also in wow if you stop paying your account will just sit there unplayable, but there.
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    140 dollars a year is too much for you?? What's your annual income? 100 dollars?

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