What's at steak for Apple

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I agree with the article's points. Apple's financial future does seem bright. Its core businesses are doing wonderful (Mac and iPod). iPhone and AppleTV are merely icing on the cake. The Macbook Air also is not currently vital to the company's future.
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    Couldn't resist..

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    Mmmmmhhh.... He said steak.
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    Who is mudbug and why do all of his articles contain grammar errors?
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    It's not mudbug's article it's a link to an article and it's not an error but a play on words.

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    It's a terrible play on words and it doesn't stop there either. The entire article is peppered with indigestible food innuendo, and for no apparent reason! It would have been at least understandable, although absolutely inexcusable, if they had called it "Investors take a bite out of Apple" (criiiinge....), but this steak thing is both meaningless AND dumb.

    May I express apologies on behalf of all the Canadians on this forum for the terrible punmanship of one of our national papers.

    (But at least they aren't Bush-fellating sycophants like our OTHER national paper.) :p
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    That's so truly cringeworthy :D
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    I are a person. ;)

    huked on fonuks werx four mee.

    fyi - I try to not edit an article's title unless it really, really, really needs help. I should probably mention, though, that if you put the word "review" in the title of your review, I'll take that out pretty much every time. We have a tag for that.
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    You mean, "eye are a person" :D
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    I'll remember that for the next "review" I post.

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