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What's faster: 1.2ghz Ibook 14" or Inspiron 1000 Dell laptop (whatever that is)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by California, Sep 11, 2005.

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    Anyone know what laptop would be faster -- an INspiron 1000 dell laptop with 256mgs of ram or a 1.2 14" G4 ibook with 1.25gb of ram? What if ram were equal? What ARE Dell Inspirons, anyway?
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    mad jew

    Faster for what exactly? We may need more info before we can really say which is faster since the term "faster" is so broad. I'd say the iBook would run OSX better, which is really all that matters. :p

    Dell Inspiron site, albeit without the Inspiron 1000. :)
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    mad jew

    Well, the Dell will be faster for both Office and surfing the net. These are two examples where Windows really does do better than OSX. Having said that, I find my 800MHz iBook G4 to be perfectly fast enough for both of these uses. The speed difference will only really be marginal since any new computer will do both of these tasks very fast. So really, it's the difference between really fast and really very fast.
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    Dang. Well, I wanted a slight speed bump in the 1.2 over the Inspiron 1000. Wonder if i drop a 7200rpm hard drive and full 1.25 gig of ram in it -- you think it would be faster than the Dell?
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    mad jew

    The difference between the two for Office and browsing is going to be negligible, maybe not even really noticeable. A faster hard drive will speed things up but you probably don't really need it - they are very expensive. There are other gains that you will get from an iBook over a Dell due entirely to OSX but unfortunately the only two major aspects where OSX is slower than Windows is in Office and browsing but I can't emphasise enough that the difference really is tiny.

    Hell, with a bit of a placebo effect, you may even think the iBook is faster. :D
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    The Dell might be faster, until it gets so bogged down with spyware that it runs like it has 32 mb of ram and loads up a viagra website everytime you mispell a URL. Although, with that big a difference in RAM, I don't know if the Dell would be faster at all. Maybe if it was running Linux...
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    Do you guys know if Word for Mac OX original is faster or slower than the newer Word for Mac 2004? I think i heard that the original Word is faster to use...
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    it's not about speed, internet speed is mostly dependent on your connection and word speed really does not matter unless you find and replace 100 times a day, the benefit with the ibook would be it would never bog down like wintel notebooks do.
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    Who cares?
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    Which is faster for Word and surfing net? Not games or anything...[/QUOTE]

    Just how fast can you type? :D
  12. bgd
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    XP will run on 256 ram, but not well. You would need to add more memory.
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    I can't imagine running XP on 256. I use 512 and it's barely tolerable.
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    On my old POS 633MHz Celeron with 256 RAM, XP ran very well, stable, fast.

    Mind you, Tiger runs rings around it.

    No matter what you get today it will be more than fast enough for internet/word processing/watching movies etc so don't look at the GHz rating, look at what you can get feature-wise for your money and get the best you can afford.

    An iBook is going to be a much more fulfilling purchase than a cheapo Dell.
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    mad jew


    Listen to Chundles. :)

    It's like comparing two F1 cars. One will be faster than the other but both are so fast at what you want them to do (the Office or browsing part) that it really is irrelevant. Okay, kinda bad analogy. Sorry. :eek:
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    Thanks mad jew.

    Here's a good car analogy:

    Which is faster? A lamborghini or a zonda?

    Answer: Too fast for a normal person to take to the limit anyway so who cares.
  17. bgd
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    I did it for a couple of months when the laptop was replaced by insurance. It was a very 'painful' experience not to be repeated. Adding an extra gig turned it into a new machine.
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    This thread is so......well......I won't say.

    How fast can I use Word? I don't think Word will run faster than it already does. It will always work faster than I can work, no matter which system I use. They'll both be equal for surfing the net and typing documents in Word as far as I'm concerned. The difference is academic.
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    Actually, Word is slow as molasses. It can barely keep up with my typing. It's rather pathetic that after all these years, MS word on a 1.33 GHz machine is no faster than it was on my SE/30. In fact, Neooffice is faster (not to load, but once it's running), which indicates that it IS possible to make a usable word processor for Mac OS X.
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    Thats probably because M$ bogged it down so you'd think Macs are slower than PCs. ;)
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    Word on my 1GHz G4 runs fine.
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    Word works great on my 867mhz PB, never bogs down. I type at 75wpm, I dunno how fast you guys are.
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    Word is slow for me on all my recent macs; that's why I asked that question -- and I wanted to get my partner to switch from Windoze to Mac permanently by falling in love with this 1.2 ghz iBook, off the Dell laptop. Thus the comparision.

    I'm Mac proselytizing. And Word sometimes will just not react as fast as I'm writing; it is a bummer but still probably better than the Dell.
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    M$ Word runs fine on my 2.3GHz DP Power Mac G5 & I would imagine that it would run fine on the iBook G4 in question. In addition, I also use M$ word on a 1.6GHz iMac G5 w/512MB RAM and it seems to run just as smoothly (and I can type fairly fast) as on my Power Mac G5.

    Go with the iBook over the Dell! :)
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    Two suggestions for speeding up MS Word in Panther (can't speak for Tiger yet):

    1. view page in Page Layout view, not "Normal"
    2. Enable Quartz smoothing

    These very counterintuitive changes make it at least semi-usable, and these days I do find myself using it more often than NeoOffice.

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