What's goin on with the G5?

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by adamluc, Oct 9, 2001.

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    Read the same article

    Shoot, I just posted a new thread printing out this SAME article. I wish I had noticed yours first. Oh well, I guess I'll just make the following announcement then:

    For those of you that want to read the above (interesting) article HERE, just take a peek at my Apollo G4's @ 1.3 GHz thread, for those that would rather visit macosrumors.com and read it there, follow adamluc's listed URL above....
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    It's not like MOSR is a reliable source anyway. They haven't gotten much of anything right in a while. I could throw darts onto a dartboard with little post-its in certain places and have more accurate predictions.
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    Say it isn't so.

    You're probably right, but wouldn't it be nice if -- for once -- they WERE right. I, for one, would love to upgrade my PowerBook G3 to a TiBook, but won't until it is truly worth it because, to be frank, I don't think my little 400MHz baby is that slow. It has over 300Megs of RAM and runs nicely. G4, shmee4. A lot of apps still don't seem to run significantly faster, so I might as well wait until there are MHz improvements too. Now that OS X is here and takes more advantage of AltiVec it is better but still... a 600/700MHz chip would be nice (and a 1GHz chip, well, a guy can dream can't he)....

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