What's more "future proof"? The HTC DIX 5in or the LG Nexus 4?

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  1. THE JUICEMAN, Oct 24, 2012
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    I feel like this is a classic battle between software and hardware.

    The 5in HTC 1080P phone has all the hardware goodies you could possibly need for at least the next two years. But will sense and Verizon hinder the software??

    The LG nexus is no slouch on the hardware by any means but lacks to huge 1080P screen that will be all the rage soon and HTC has a better camera.. But it will have all the latest and greatest software from google with no delays.

    What say you all? Which is more future proof?

    Edit: Samsung and LG have already announced that they are making 1080P screens for next year.
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    Software trumps hardware, as long as hardware is reasonably future-proof (too bad about the storage options of the Nexus 4, though).


    And, frankly, I don't trust HTC and their battery size decisions. Isn't the HTC J's battery awfully small for such a large and high powered device?
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    The Butterfly is 2100 but the rumored Verizon version is 2500 MAH
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    In 12 months time both will be really outdated sadly, so forget 'future-proof' just go for whichever device is rocking your boat right now.

    personally I prefer the HTC's design and if they do bump the battery for varizon, that would sway me. I don't mind Sense, I know a lot do not like it, so Stock Android versus Sense could sway you the other way.
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    Comparatively, the Note II is something like 3300 mAH, no? And that's pushing a less powerful device. For what it's worth, I hear good things about the Note II's batteries. Just saying, even 2500 mAH sounds little, especially if it'll have LTE for Verizon (on top of the screen!).

    I don't trust HTC. >.<
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    True, that's why I put future proof in quotes lol.

    I do like HTC design better and screen but I like stock over sense.
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    I have never used stock Android, and since reading these boards I am tempted to try the next Nexus.

    I know I could root, but this is me, I could only guarantee breaking the thing if I tried.
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    Yeah it has a 330 mAH and that's great. If it wasn't so huge I would consider the Note 2. I share your fear of the battery problems.


    Lol I honestly don't feel like rooting anymore.
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    The Note II is surprisingly "small" looking. It looks easier to handle than the Note I, yet still has the larger screen:


    Won't be able to tell how it compares to the HTC J in size, though.
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    Agreed. It's thinner and longer than the original note. Kind of like the iPhone 5. Looking at reviews I still think it would be too big for me personally.
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    From using an assortment of cellphones I've come to this conclusion.

    1. If/when I buy Android it will only ever be Nexus devices no exceptions.

    2. If/when I buy Android it will NOT be on Verizon no exceptions.

    Reasoning. Dev support is extremely strong with Nexus devices. There are very few issues with incompatible apps. Pure Android /nuff said there. Supported from Google for longer then other devices.

    Verizon, they have great coverage and voice is excellent. That's where it ends. They are outrageously frustrating when it comes to OTA updates. The current nexus just got JB not to long ago, the wifi Xoom has had JB since June while Verizon Xoom owners still wait. It's absurd! Furthermore their 3G is hideously slow, once upon a time I got 2 mbs as my all time high however it usually hovers around .2 - .8 mbs. While their LTE coverage is great, god forbid you fall off it and are sent to 3G. Their network is too difficult to make voice and data at the same time work. You need to be on LTE and even then the iPhone 5 can't do it due to lack of hardware (which is redundant anyway so I don't blame apple). There is only one or two phones on Verizon that can do voice and data with LTE and 3G by using SVDO which is more redundant hardware to make their network work.

    I've gotten burned more then enough times to learn my lesson. I'm currently on a 4S with a slow network connection unable to get voice and data. I feel like the iPhone was designed for AT&T. Another thing and this could be in my head but when I see these fantastic battery life screenshots of 8+ hours it seems its always AT&T.

    Ok back to topic, obviously my opinion is the polar opposite of going with the HTC so much that I wouldn't upgrade until my criteria is met which the LG is. I know this is a legitimate question but its a no brainer for me. :)

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    Lol I don't mind the rant. You make good points. I am tempted by the 1080P and the bigger screen. I'm glad you gave your perspective it definitely puts the Nexus as more future proof.
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    To be honest the 1080p screen on the htc is a waste. At over 300 ppi the lg nexus already has pixels that are pretty much impossible to make out even when putting your eye very close to the screen. The 1080p screen wouldn't really add anything to the experience but would definitely waste resources and make the ui lag more often and drain battery.
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    Yeah, from what I have read you are correct.
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    Wow, that's hilarious.
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    shame on Verizon
  19. sarcosis, Oct 24, 2012
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    Wow that is ... that's about all i can say. Shame on Verizon. I wish Samsung would restructure their contracts to get rid of the mandatory bloat BS branding. I get that we pay a "Subsidy" here in the US, but come on man. We pay that back during our contractual period. They should pay me for advertizing their stuff lol :rolleyes:

    Back on topic, future proof is always Nexus for Android. You will be getting timely software updates for a good while. Also, Pure Android is quite awesome. I've got something new Pure with a custom ASOP rom on my GNote and can't be happier. Now the only question mark here would be product support hard wise from LG. I've had other stuff from LG and love it, but never had a phone.
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    Ugh. Surprised Samsung still didn't have enough power (or didn't care enough) to prevent this.

    Shame that the carrier that took Android to prominence is without doubt the worse one to have an Android phone on.
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    I saw this earlier. It's so terrible and ugly. Lol
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    Wow.. that logo placement looks horrible. They already have a huge logo on the back of the phone.. and a ship date of November 27th? Wow..

    I'm glad AT&T went the simple route and decided to only place the logo on the back of the phone without the words "AT&T".

  23. FFR
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    Your being extremely generous.
    3-4 months before being obsolete.
    Expect key lime pie and MAYBE MAYBE Lollipop or licorice, depending on the manufacturer.
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    Nexus 7 and LG Nexus 4 looks like solid devices to own if you like Android. Wait a few days to see what Google says on the 29th.

    I wouldn't touch any HTC/Samsung/etc device anymore.
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    That actually looks really nice.

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