What's on you desktop this February

Discussion in 'Community' started by bannedagain, Jan 31, 2004.

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    It's that time agian.
    Post you desktop or the background that keeps you company.

    I play a bit of Soul Calibur, and I found this pic.

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    Re: What's on you desktop this February

    Not quite yet, it's still January for some of us :p :D

    edit: what the hell :eek: Still the same as last month, I like these desktops :D

    Click for full size - 2560x1024 304KB
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    Here's mine:

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    The picture is from my wife's parent's house in Vermont. It is a sunrise that was too amazing not to photograph.

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    that is absolutely gorgeous man. wow.
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    Here is mine.

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    hey, dunno about your desktop taeclee99, but your folder background aint half bad ;) :D
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    Mike Teezie

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    This is what i've decided to put on my desktop for this month

    Common Nikon ... hurry up so that i can do more then just look at it.

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    I've been in a very David Lynch, Lost Highway sort of mood. Hence this desktop......

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    Yay!!! I can't wait till July 2nd. :) :) :) :) :)


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    Same as last month...

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    Great desktops, pitty I find them hard to view on my crappy 15" fishbowl monitor
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    old school

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    An oldy but goody.

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    Currently this is how my desktop looks, escept my dock is at the bottom.
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    Mine for the month :)

    I'm doing some photoshop and some web design. That bit of photoshop is a for a friend clothing company. Called Exhero, I thought the guy fit perfectly with the ex-superhero theme he wanted. I'm trying to learn CSS, I have CCSedit open and browsing use the good method of trial and error :)

    Theme: Aquamilk by cmove
    Desktop: Default Background from Red Hat Linux

    [​IMG] GreenDay - I Fought The Law iTMS linked :)

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    DIA. Almost looks like Fronter's commercials.

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    Up The Irons!


    Proudly hosted at cardomain.com...
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    Powerbook G5

    Just a quick screenshot of my screen at the moment I finished reading the thread, it's basically the same as last month so I stuck it in exposé view to add a change of scenery.

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    Haven't done one of these in a while...
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    february already?

    desktop can be found here

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