Whats on your coffee table?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Jdawg19, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Kinda bored, so I figured I would start a thread......

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    I Dont have a coffee table, but if I did, I'd probably just have my remote on it, and maybe a drink.

    Edit: I see you've covered the Playboy and Maxim.
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    Nice collection of mags...
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    FWIW I am finding Paste magazine to be far better than Rolling Stone for music news.
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    kramer's coffee table book :D
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    Lord Blackadder

    I don't have a coffee table.
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    Nothing is on my coffee table. It's nice and clean. :)
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    Can you, uhm...rearrange those mags and send another pic. More pics maybe? Perhaps we could read, er, look along with you? :rolleyes:

    No coffee table for me. Gets in the way.
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    and Coffee table? I'll assume yuo mean desk for me...

    EMPTY Dr. Pepper cans.
    LOTS of them.
    I love Dr. Pepper so much.
    Actually, it's diet Dr. Pepper-- it really does taste like the real thing! I kid you not!

    Also, a VCR, FW HD, FW DVD burny-drive, a bunch of music...

    I'm so unorganized. I don't wanna post a pic. Everyone will make fun of me.
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    Usually a PB. couple of empty glasses. TV/DVD/Stereo remotes. old newspapers. couple of coffee table books.

    On the lower level of the coffee table are all our magazines from the last 6 months. Mostly runners world and the sporting news.
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    let see what is one my coffee table...(insert Jepordy song here)...:eek: :eek: .MY FEEET
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    What's on my coffee table?

    Why most of the junk that my roommates just can't seen to grasp the whole "throw your cr*p away" when you are finished. Oh, and they have their playstaion/nintendo 64 controllers/games as well. Why oh why are teenagers so fracking messy:mad: I don't care if their bed rooms are messy it is just that the common living room should be clean.

    Sorry to any teenagers here:eek:

    If I had a clean coffee table it would have remote controllers and maybe a few reading materials around.
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    Jaffa Cake

    At the moment, my coffee table is littered with my cold-addled girlfriend's tissues. I'll spare you a picture. ;)
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    those mags are so neatly stacked
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    are you TSKing me???
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    <falls over> OMG
    What have you done to KK??
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    Yes, and I'll do it again!!

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    No coffee table, but my bedside table has my PB, 2 jugs of water, lamp, alarm clock, canned air, and a basket containing my PSP, games, headphones, shuffle, iSight, and various FW/USB/power cords. About 20 books are stacked underneath on the shelves.
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    I saw that too!! And the links are gone.

    Oh, God... the links are gone!

    *** weeps, wailing out loud ***

    *** goes to archive of previous 'tar pics ***

    *** feels a bit better ***

    *** looks again at e's 'tar ***

    *** weeps again, know it's over, it's finally over ***
  20. jsw
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    Yeah... we'd never do that otherwise. ;)

    But you know we love you, KT!
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    I want one of those!! :D

    They should package that along with Season 5 and 6.
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    Too much junk food. I have got to start eating better.
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    It's covered in cups of water.
    gallons of water
    and I drink all of it

    I am so well hydrated, you have no idea.

    so it'd basically be a picture of the ocean.
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    Um... if you drank all of it, wouldn't it be covered with empty glasses?
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    the empty glasses are behind my powerbook.

    don't want water near it, ya know.

    maybe I'll post a pic for another $10. :D

    /I KEED
    ///JSW is soo cooool!

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