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What's on your iPod?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MacGeekDC, Nov 26, 2008.

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    My 16GB iPod touch.

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    My iPhone...my music collection is getting bigger and bigger everyday now. I hope they come out with a 32GB iPhone soon. ;)

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    I'm getting an iPod classic soon, this 16 gigs is not cutting it in the music department!

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    Waiting for the 32GB iPhone...

    Here's my original 8GB

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    600MB in apps! How many do you have? And I thought my 90 apps were a little out of control.
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    I only have 74, but some are games, which are pretty big. And I think the rest of the space is from apps like Airsharing, MobileFiles, and Text Editor since I threw some files into each of those.

    I guess I could get rid of some apps since Airsharing and Mobile Files is sort of redundant and I have five twitter clients.
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    how do you post an image like that?
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    I have a lot more music than this (too much to fit on my iPod) but this is all I really need. :)

    To yamaha106: there will be a button that says 'Manage Attachments' below Additional Options when you're replying to a topic - hit that and it will give you an option to post with an image.

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    Tom B.



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    You didn't post your shuffle's capacity.
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    My 8GB iPod touch.

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    8 GB iPhone and 80 GB iPod Classic
    6529 songs total, 862 on the iPhone

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    16GB "iPhoned" iPhone 3G

    2G 1GB iPod "Chuffs" Shuffle

    4GB iPod "Minners" Mini (used as a hard drive)

    5G 30GB iPod "Faffin'" video (used as hard drive / OSX boot drive)

    1G 2GB iPod "nanokins" Nano

    120GB iPod "Doppelgänger" Classic
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    This is my 32gb iPod Touch.
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    8GB iPod touch


    30GB 5G iPod. I have way more music than that, but I've never gotten around to putting it on

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