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What's the best iPad messenger app?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by likemyorbs, Jul 28, 2010.

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    The one thing that's been keeping me from ditching my macbook for my iPad fully is that I have not been able to find a decent iChat substitute that let's me use my AIM and Facebook chat together in one app. Are there any that can do that? What's your favorite iPad IM app?
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    Definitely IM+. The only difference between Pro and Lite is, of course, ads, and Pro has Skype support. If you don't use Skype, Lite will work just fine. (and you can save almost 10 bucks.)
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    I agree IM+ lite is good. Beejive is my fav. on the iPhone however they want me to pay another $10 for the iPad version even though I paid $16 for the iPhone version when it first came out. That being said I'm not paying an extra 10 just to see if it's good or not since IM+ does the work beautifully and the ads dont bother me. In regards to skype, I'm sure the iPad app will come out soon and with iOS4 on it's way, I don't mind running 2 apps in background.
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    IM+ Lite
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    Thanks guys! i got IM+, and i have backgrounder on my jailbroken ipad so i can multitask it. perfect!!
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    Beejive isn't cheap but has the best interface. Gets my vote.
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    I like beejive, and bought it for my i4, but its ridiculous that they want to charge separately for the ipad version. got the IM+ first, but didn't like it on the iphone, so I'm not about to spend another $10 of the same thing for the ipad.

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