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whats the best racing app for the ipad 2?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by anthonyrp, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Need For Speed Undercover

    I love the Need For Speed games and I was so happy when they brought it to iOS. Cars are so customizable and the game is actually addicting, it kinda makes you wanna play more and more and more and buy just ONE MORE car before you're done ;)
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    Real Racing 2HD
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    Am I the only one who hates that game? I bought it for $10 and it was a ripoff
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    I bought Asphalt 6: Adrenaline over the weekend for a buck. It's very good.
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    Asphalt 6
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    Real Racing 2 HD is very good. The most "realistic" one I've played.

    Asphalt 6 is also fun.
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    no im not a big fan of that game either
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    Asphalt 6 is quite good. I didn't think I'd like it but I've also become a big fan of Death Rally
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    I haven't tried a whole lot of racing games yet, but I also got Asphalt 6 over the weekend and it is QUITE good. I can only play it in short burst due to my motion sickness issues, but I definitely like what I see. It's right up there with Burnout on the consoles in my opinion.
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    Has to be Real Racing 2HD
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    Agreed Real Racing 2 HD is EPIC ! Outstanding graphics & when connected to a HDTV it looks gorgeous definitely sets the mark for the competition :)
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    I got RealRacing HD the first one for 1.99 cuz it's on sale... I'm not too impressed... it's really difficult to maneuver, too sensitive or something.
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    Another vote for Asphalt 6.
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    I definitely agree with this post, another vote for Real Racing 2 HD.
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    Real Racing 2

    As the answers show, there are several GREAT racing games
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    There arw a lot of good racing games...
    The most realistic one is real racing 2 and it looks great on the ipad2. But asphalt6 and nfs hot persuit are also funny, but not so realistic.
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    You can set braking and driver assist on.
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    Asphalt 6 is pretty darn addicting
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    Add me to the real racing hd is massively overrated and pretty boring clan. Asphalt is more fun....IMO.
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    Nothing comes close
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    its gotta be ricky carmichael motocross matchup

    this is by far the best racing and not getting borring at all racing.
    the more you learn the better it gets.
    but you gotta learn to BACKFLIP to find this the most interesting racing play.
    the players doing massive tricks combo on air = hundreds of thousand points.
    so you can actually win vs someone just being fast, even you are 2nd. but thats not gonna happen on any other racing game cuz you gotta be the first.
    i just wish they can do more players at once rather than just head to head and add more tracks.

    did i mention you can actually win an actual prize? but you must register within the app.
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    I gotta say Real Racing 2 and Adrenaline 6. Both are great. I also have NFS Undercover but haven't played it much yet.

    I have played Shift though. I find that game much more dated then the others. The controls are much stiffer then I like. Anyone else agree?

    Also, has anyone tried the new Need for Speed game that just came out today?
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    Are there any iPad racing apps that simulate the Indianapolis 500 race track? That's really all I want. Of course I would not turn down any other popular tracks but Indy is the one I want. I have it on the Wii.

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