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whats the best way to? (convert AVI files to an iTunes format)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by derajfast, Dec 22, 2005.

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    i want to convert all my simpsons episodes which i ripped as avi files to a format that itunes will recognize so theyt are all in my library......

    i do have QT pro, but is this the easiest/fastest way of converting them to h264 or any other format that would allow them to show up in my itunes library? if so or if not, how would i convert them while using quicktime or another program

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    I downloaded a program called ffmpegX that I found does the job nicely. Its simple, just select output and drag the file you want to convert. You do have to buy it or get it by whatever *ahem* "means" you can. There may be better solutions but I think its simple and does the job...


    Hope this helps...
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    ok i tried using this........dropped the avi file in it......then set the target format as mp4 h.264

    and i hit encode and its done in 1 second, but theres no file or anything......its like nothing happened

    now if i choose to do the same ecnoding, but to h264 ipod it takes a good 15 minutes and i get a finished file......

    now what?
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    It is DOG slow, but you can use imovie to do this too. The other benefit is the fact that it can also encode it in the correct format for the Gen5 iPod.
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    ffmpegX is a fantastic program, aswell as the person who created it, 'major', who has a forum and is happy to help with problems. When it can't recognise the original file properly, it dings in one second, crapping out on you. I suspect that you downloaded those simpsons eps as avi ;) I'm not accusing you of it though. If you own the original dvds, extract them as mpeg 4 with handbrake first, as ffmpegX will recognise that format.
    Also, join the mailing list, they will inform you of any updates/bug fixes.

    EDIT: It's easiest to set them all up and leave it running overnight or whatever in the progress thing. Works well.
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    If he's got the DVD's he won't need ffmpegx. Handbrake will rip them straight to the iPod format.
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    Open the AVI in QT Pro, and Save (not Export) to mov. Simple :)
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    I agree, i leave mine overnight and jobs a good'n. Those forums for ffmpegX are really helpful. Are you putting all these files into iTunes to get them onto an iPod or just so you have them on your iTunes?
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    nah jsut so i have them itunes.....i dont have the new ipod (yet.....wiating for an 80gb)

    but the file is fine to convert to any of the other formats, except the one i want which is annoying

    i do have most of the dvds, and i ripped them as avis because i got good FPS when ripping them in handbrake, but it takes much slower for h264 because i have a 1.33ghz AL pbook, and i really dont have the time to do that
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    This works great, but it won't play on an iPod. The other drawback is that if a codec is killed (like AC3 was, for example) it will cease to work, and you'll have to find a non-Quicktime based converter to move it to something more Apple-friendly.
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    so if these files are in .mov format, and i have QT pro, all i have to do to put it on an ipod is go to export---> to ipod and it will work fine on the ipod?
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    Yes. Be prepared to wait though.
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    Make sure you have a firewire cable for your iPod too, or it'll be an even bigger wait :p
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    i have a bunch of videos that were ripped as mpeg4 (i think i ripped them as ffmpeg with handbrake)....i can put these on the ipod vid right? (so just open it up with (QT pro, plug in ipod, go to export to video. and it will shrink the size and everything for me?) thanks
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    iSquint. Great name, great icon, great speed, great results.

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