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What's the closest thing to original iPad 1 case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by btownguy, May 2, 2011.

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    Anything out there that is high quality and very close to the original iPad 1 case? I saw an Acase on Amazon but it appears to be pretty low quality judging from comments from other MR posters.

    Ideally I would like one identical to the iPad 1 case that the finish didn't easily blemish like the original iPad 1 case.
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    I've ordered one of these. looks like it should meet your criteria :)

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    That above case isn't close, because it doesn't protect the edges. Check out my review of the Yoobao case. It will suit your needs perfectly. :)

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    Though it has very poor quality.
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  6. gigaguy, May 2, 2011
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    the Yoobao leather is the same but in leather. I used the orig Apple ipad1 case for a year and liked it. yoobao is the same thin, wrap and tuck style, exactly, except without the scratches dirt and marks that marred the apple case. also the apple case's pressed edges were uncomfortable and sharp, the Yoobao stitched leather edges are softer to hold.
    I looked at lots of cases, none were as close as the Yoobao to the Apple 1 case.
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    Can you tell us what's poor quality about it?

    I hear that the ambient light sensor is blocked and home button is partly blocked (boo). Is there anything else wrong?
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    Switcheasy canvas!
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  10. cwerdna, May 3, 2011
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    This looks similar to the original iPad 1 case. I saw someone else post it here in another thread earlier today. It also incorporates a smart cover design. I know nothing about it and can't recommend it. Looks like it's available in Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink.

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    They call it the Reee in the video looks close to the apple case
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    Join the rest of us looking for an iPad 1 case clone.

    It doesn't exists. Even my Vaja Libretto pales in comparison, imho.

    My advice is just to stop looking for one because you're only going to be disappointed. Instead, look for a good enough second place.
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    When going to the URL you gave, I get 4 categories: spotlight videos, subscriptions, recommended and top favorited. Each shows 1 video and none of them have anything to do w/iPad 2 cases.

    Can you please point to the proper YouTube video URL?
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    This Chinao case is yet another FAIL!

    the cases in this video review do not look all that great to me. Glaring design defect being the exposed iPad back when using the flap on the rear cover. What were they thinking?

    Seems to me that this could have been easily solved!

    The textured one looks terrible and let's point out the perfectly horrible design element they embossed on the inside front cover. My God what are these people thinking when making these design decisions? Who wants to look at that all day? What's the significance? What's the point? Why put it there in the first place?

    While the leather one looks fine with the exception of that back flap issue, it does have a nifty metal logo right on the right hand bottom corner, who the hell wants that snagging on to things or even have to look at? Again, idiotic design decision, by some brand conscious company wanting you to promote their products! A company that makes quality products us sully doesn't have to resort these inescapable compromises to design!

    Why doesn't someone just simply make an inexpensive micro fiber case, like the original Apple, one full flap cover that folds over, cleanly designed and simple? It would sell like like no tomorrow!
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    Don't buy these cases

    I am repasting my review here because these are the same cases I bought from amazon, and they really suck because of one major flaw:

    The first case in the thread is the same case as this:


    I was hoping it was the perfect solution and bought it, but its a really ****** case. The cutouts don't line up well at all, so you are always shifting it around, it covers the home button and the light sensor, the light sensor is a pain in the ass when its covered. The smart cover works good. But really the killer for this case is that they used glue around the edges instead of threading it. I used this case outside in the sun(was around 88 here in cali last week), 2 days after I bought it and all the glue fell apart from the heat, so the case completely fell apart. My girlfriend repaired it with fabric glue, but that eventually came off again as well. It was all in all a ****** case(luckily I got it off dealnews for only 20 bucks). I really wanted a light and thin case, but I finally just gave in and bought a maroo even though it isnt as thin, and got it today and I love it. Not saying you should buy the maroo as it might not be for you, however that Acase that is rebranded is a piece of junk, don't waste your money like I did.

    The one with the apple logo from case2case also looks like it uses the same glued edges as the other ones, so it will come apart(mine did within 3 days), If it was stitched and the cutouts were better it would probably be a pretty sweet case.
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    I almost dismissed this review/case because at a very quick glance it looked like it might be thick. However after reading your review, looking at the pictures carefully and reading the Amazon reviews I have ordered. It has all the features I'm looking for and if the fit is similar to the original Apple iPad case onthe original iPad I'll be very happy with it.
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    This one...


    ... mine should be coming this week.
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    I got it and I reviewed it in another thread.


    It;s a totally fine case, HOWEVER, what I did not know when I wrote the review initially was the sleep/wake function is triggered when you fold it over. Not sure there is much one can do about this. I decided that I'm going to live with it for the time being.
  25. xraytech, May 10, 2011
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    That kinda sucks.

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