What's the deal with Apple brand Cases not being in stock?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by turboxt, May 5, 2010.

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    Is Apple that short sided to not have cases in stock for their products?

    Indianapolis Market is sold out!

    1 Apple store.

    Countless Best Buys.

    All claim they have no clue if they are to get any more in.

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    Last count I think it was 1.3 million ipads sold. I don't think apple knew they were going to sell that many ipads which might answer the iPad case shortage question.
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    The Michigan Avenue store in Chicago easily had 50 out on the floor (possibly more) last night.
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    Until they release internationally I expect this to be an issue. I was in the store and managed to find a few instock so I grabbed one. If I didn't want to use it myself so darn bad I would have taken it to eBay like so damn many have. Low supply, high demand.
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    Couldn't find the cases anywhere in the DC area myself. So I placed an order for the official Apple case on the Apple store website on 22 April 2010, and only tonight has the status changed to "Prepared for Shipment." Seems like a long wait from getting the iPad on 30 April, but it wasn't really that bad.
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    Phoenix apple stores seem to gt a steady flow of a few at a time.
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    The apple store in my town got 3 in and never restocked. so Im not sure whats going on. probably didnt think they would sell as many iPads so soon. bestbuy
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    I have an Apple case that I only used for a few days until I got the MacAlly Flexfitpad. I might put it up on ebay for sale.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Well if they can build that many iPads, then logic would have said to ramp up on the cases as well. In the end I think that Apple did not realize that their case would be one of the better ones out there - despite some of the negative comments made by some.
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    demand was greater than the supply.
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    Last night Aventura Mall (between Ft Laud and Miami) had about 80 units, an entire vertical column of the case/accessories part of the store :D
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    Chip NoVaMac


    Finding out it takes lots of phone calls to the local Apple Stores to get lucky enough to find them in stock. And even some pleading when they only have one left to have them hold it for you as you battle rush hour traffic from Reston to Fair Oaks. The traffic gods were with me both coming and going - in under an hour RT I finally got one! :D

    Now on to the Camera Connector Kit! LOL
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    I must have stared at that wall for a good 5 minutes looking for that camera connector kit :D

    They had plenty of the VGA adapters.
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    I think they're just concentrating on producing enough iPads and not really focusing on cases, since the iPads is where they will profit the most. Look at it this way, would you rather have a case and no iPad or a iPad, but no case. There's substitutes for Apple's case right now and I say just buy one of those, or just wait a little longer and have the case shipped to your house in a week or so.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    For Apple this may be true, but in "normal" retail the profit is in the accessories...

    It is not like Foxcon is making the case however. And given the war chest of over $2B US Apple can crank up the production of the accessories. Though with the bad rep that the camera kit had on the iPod - Can understand Apple's reluctance to produce too many.

    Add to that IMO is Apple building up supplies for the international launch in just 20 days. They are in a tough position I think. Supply the US market demand, or finally meet up pent up demand internationally for the iPad and accessories.

    I think case studies down the road will show that Apple probably thought that the iPad was going to be just slightly a bigger success than the iPhone given the price points of the iPad. Surprise!

    Again Apple came up with another product that we never knew we could live without. :D

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