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What's the first thing to do w/ my new Powerbook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by KBFinFan, Sep 17, 2003.

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    As the title states, I want to know what the first thing I should do is?

    After opening it what's the first thing that will amaze me? Impress me? Make me forget about all the money I just spent?

    I'm thinking iTMS and Backlit keyboard..

    Oh ya.. I got the 1.25 15" w/ 1 DIMM of 512, everyother option matches the high end...

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    The first thing that will amaze you is the box itself. As you open the box youwill a sudden rush of joy. You will feel as you're having having sex but infinite the times of that. Teh backlit keyeboard is the light of peace:D

    you should fold btw:D
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    Take pictures! Lots of 'em! And post the bloody things! Quickly!!!!! Does it run cooler and quieter than the 1GHz TiBooks? Tell us everything!!

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    i don't know if i would compare opening up the box to sex, but thats just me

    in regards to spending the money feeling? that doesn't away for me until i finally justify the purchase,

    take it to a poorly lit coffee shop sometime in the middle of the week, and watch the room fill with envy, that should be enough to make you feel better about the money... LOL

    have fun with your new toy
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    take it to a public wifi spot and make people drool over it

    (bring a napkin)
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    Ya, I will definitely go show it off.. too bad the local Starbucks doesnt have a hot spot..
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    i'm guessing this is your first PowerBook? just make sure that you read the manual properly and thoroughly. and then make sure you condition the battery properly. that's all i can think of right now.
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    Let it fully charge and then run it until it goes to sleep, right?

    Yes, this is my first Powerbook.. my first Mac actually..

    Needless to say I am a little excited..
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    FIRST MAC!!?

    Woah, dude

    You know what will make you feel great about spending all that money on the machine?

    That after you finally get down and start doing some work, be it video or graphics, you sit pack after slaving away for 8 hours and realize "It didn't crash once, it didn't freeze, it didn't start making weird noises in the middle of a reutine colour change in photoshop" - Nothing, just the blissfull feeling of it all coming together smoothly

    I got so spoiled after i switched to mac that i often forget to save my work untill the very end of the project, and i've never lost a file i working on, and i've been a switcher for 4 years. and not a single error message exept for the occassional "OUT OF MEMORY" Meh, photoshop, FPC, illustrator, browser, and MSN messanger running at the same time, it was bound to happen
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    Gratz and welcome to the good ones ;)

    :D Yeah charge your battery fully and run it until it fall asleep ;) then charge it again. I think two or three times.

    I'm abit jalous LOL. But soon ;) i get my own one.
    Welcome to the Mac community and never crashing OS. I switched nearly 5 years ago and my Macs never have probs like whole system crash (blue screen etc.). Whole system works like a tank *ggg* never stop running until it have no fuel. My brothers PC often restarts under XP or crashes. And i should mention ease of use :D.
    Welcome to a much better and friendly world.
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    Download firebird....

    Start folding
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    Thats the first thing I plan doing doing. Hitting up the library and sitting in the middle of a large room where tons of people bring their 10lb laptops. And just let them :droooooolll:
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    Maybe i need a napkin too LOL

    While i dosn't get my new 15" PB yet i think i should get a napkin too if i see you with your really hot stuff in the libry ;) LOL. Really jelous. Gratz for great buy.
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    I think I may go to the library as well, just because of all the IBMs at my school.

    We are down the road from the Fishkill, NY plant... and well.. are very connected to IBM.

    Don't get me wrong I do like IBM a lot, they make solid products, but they don't make OS X.
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    well, the first think you should do is repackage your aluBook and send it over to me... ;)

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    Nah, I deserve it more than you :D

    You've already got a 1 GHz, I'm stuck on an 800 iBook. Plus I've got a higher post count than you :p

    OK, getting back to reality...

    ...I can't think of anything to say :(
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    I had the same question as my PB has shipped today. I will do the battery thing and then enjoy the ride. Kinda like buying a new car, manual says to break in at 50mph or less for first 1000mi, but in reality most of us try it for a day or 2 then its redline city. I'm going from an imac 350 with no firewire to the PB macdaddy! Will try the ethernet network connection to transfer my mp3, jpg, etc. from old imac to new PB. BTW I've also got about 6gb worth of my mp3 collection to put into my new 20gb ipod.
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    Can you try some games on it?
    Can you try the unreal tournament 2003 demo and see how many fps it gets?
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    9/23 is coming so slowly.......... do they ever ship before schedule or is 'on/before' just something to mess with you?

    Can't wait.. at least my iPod (albeit useless) ships tomorrow!

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