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Whats the reason/meaning behind your forum user id?

Discussion in 'Community' started by mrjamin, Jun 6, 2003.

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    Mine's easy:

    My name's Benjamin, split it in two: first name Ben, last name Jamin hence Mr Jamin. Twas my nickname at highschool for a time. Now i just get called Benj, fatty or stinky
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    Re: this has been done before like three or four times already...

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    ok, well i've been posting here for nearly 6 months and lurking for about 8 and i've not seen any threads like it. Besides, there have been loads of new members in my time alone who haven't had the chance to explain themselves. lets just see what happens, if not then wasteland it.
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    My dog was practically ripping the curtains off barking at some cat or something out of the window. I shouted 'shut up you stupid barkmonster'. I thought it was a cool (yet stupid) name to call myself.
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    I'm a triathlete and attended a winter training which was "spinning". That is riding on a stupid bike trainer inside with one very heavy flying wheel. I didn't like the concept so I started running it backwards to make it some more fun, hence back-spinner.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    My name is a reference to my favorite Simpsons episode of all time "A fish called Selma". It's the episode that Troy McClure marries Selma to regain his stardom, the one with the planet of the apes musical. There is a scene in this episode where Troy is getting his star on the walk of fame, and well see the episode and my signature.

    P.S. I know that its spelled Laszlo, but I made a mistake and just continue to use Laslo in everything to keep it consistent. Big points for anyone who knows who Laszlo Panaflex is (was).
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    At the time I was using MetallicPenguin for everything. It just means:

    Me liking penguins=Penguin


    Nowadays it just sounds girly:p
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    The other side doesn't work.
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    the brain behind "dance to the music"

    okay, okay, credit to google on that one:rolleyes:
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    Do you really want to know? It is more fun for you if you make up your own meaning for my MR name.
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    Royal Pineapple

    i use it for evrything, my friend came up with it and i stole it, you know that kinda thng. it meens absolutly nothing.
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    My AOL/AIM screen name is MrMacMan23 and I have had that forever.

    Anyways on everywhere else I have this SN.
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    the animal that i like the most is jaguar. (other favs are leopard and black panther). giaguara is (female) jaguar in italian. i wanted a jaguar-something dot mac name, before 10.2 was out obviously... jaguar was gone, so i tried some others and it was free. so after it kind of stuck to me, and in most boards i use the same nick. i won't change me to pantera once 10.3 comes out, as jaguar is still my favorite animal.

    and besides - if i would still have been using windows or linux on pc or whatever when 10.2 came out, i would have wanted it simply because it was jaguar and i like those felines so damn lot. (pity the closest zoo to here has just leopards). that would probably have been the funniest reason to switch to mac if i would have got the mac that late. :D
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    Well my original name was gonna be macdude but since it was taken, I used applemacdude.
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    To quote myself in this thread
    "To simpsons fan mine is obvious, but to everyone else the simpson family was playing scrablle and bart had a W,j,y,i,o,b,k. which all seem like impossibl to wrk together. So Bart laid down Kwyjibo.

    K-W-Y-J-I-B-O... Kwyjibo.22 points... plus 50 points for using all my letters! Game's over, I'm outta here...

    Wait a minute, you little cheater -- you're not going anywhere until you tell me what a Kwyjibo is!

    Kwyjibo? Uh... a big, dumb, balding,
    North American ape with no chin...

    And a short temper!

    Why you little!! (chases Bart)

    Uh oh, Kwyjibo on the loose!"
  17. Mal
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    Mine should be easy. My last name's Walker, and since I love Star Wars anyways, this just came naturally.

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    someone once called me an übergeek, that's where i got mine
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    I spent a while thinking of an awesome name for Diablo 2, and I came up with Vlade (pronouced like Blade but with a V instead of a B). I thought it was awesome, and it was 100% original. Then I found out that Vladd and Vlade were russian names, and people confused my name with the russian name! It made me so mad, and it proves that no thought is 100% original, one of those other 6 billion people thought of it first~!
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    thanks dude, saved me doing a search to link back to heh. so yeah, mine is in that thread..... :)
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    well, i had been a reader of this forum for a few months, and there was a thread started about a Macwhispers rumor.

    (remember the small chunk of plastic with a hole cut in it?)

    Anyway, within a half page of posts this chunk of plastic was billed as the iPod/PDA/Phone/Tablet/BackScratcher.

    At this point I had had it, and I flamed. I created a name, and logged in, and that was that.

    So I still dont post much, I prefer to sift through and pick out the details. But I can be brought out of my hole from time to time.
  22. pEZ
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    My initials are E.Z. - and so pEZ just came about. Plus, everyone likes SOME flavor of Pez....mmmm....cherry.....
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    DIRTY THEIF!!! allways steelen my idears, come up with your own.... just kidding

    Edit: forgot to say what my name means, my names means i am an idiot who cant spell because i am huked on that evil evil drug fonicks,,,, err phonics err i give up...
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    I couldn't think of anything clever when I first got online, so I chose pivo which means beer in Croatian.
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    I LIKE BEER!!!:D (not bud, bud light, miller, miller light, coors, coors light, sam adams and various others but i like beer!!!:cool:

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