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What's this that came with my powerbook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Albone, Mar 2, 2005.

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    I've had my powerbook for a year, and never noticed, this T shaped looking thing with an airport symbol on it. I can't find any documentation on it anywhere, either at home or on the web. Anyone know what i'm talking about? What is it?

    Sure I can GUESS what it is, but I'd like to know what I'm fooling around with.
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    You got that with a powerbook?!?!?! :eek:

    That's an Airport antena for a Powermac.
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    where are you seeing this symbol?? through the OS or somewhere on the hardware?

    as of right now my only guess is the BT symbol....
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    Its possible I got it with my emac, but I found it in my powerbook box. Its an antenna? Where would you plug THIS thing in? Or is it possibly older than my emac and powerbook?
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    You don't plug it in anywhere in your powerbook, it's meant for either a powermac G5 or an iMac (but I might be wrong there).

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    yeah It sounds like the airport attenna from a powermac...or I guess eMac perhaps. I got one with my powermac that I just got.
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    is it one of these:

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    Yeah, that's it. So, I'd plug it into my emac then? Is there a port, or is there some lesser known spot that I'd use?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    That is definatly a Powermac Airport antenna. I am pretty sure that they only go with Powermac G5s, you shouldn't have it, don't know why you do.
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    Rod Rod

    The eMac has a built-in Airport antenna. You have no use for that thing.
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    It goes to a PM G5, since the case is totally made of metal you wouldn't get much reception if the attenna was inside.

    Sell it on ebay, it seems to be the trend.


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