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whats this Unused Memory slot?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sagpower, Nov 5, 2003.

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    I have a eMac G4 700 and in the about box there is the system configuration information. I have 512 Gb of RAM, two sticks of 256 Mb. But under the memory information I see them both DIMM0/J1600 SDRAM 256 MB. But there is also a UNUSED empty space and I want to know what it is... Why does OS X thinks there is a UNUSED slot? Cause I only saw 2 slots when I installed my RAMs.

    Could certainl use another one thoug!
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    mind posting a screen shot of your system profiler window?

    It may just be a memory soldering point on the motherboard that was just never used?
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    If memory serves, System Profiler shows non-existant memory slots on a lot of systems. It probably either has something to do with the motherboard architecture, or just the memory controller having support for more slots.
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    Sun Baked

    Even if it had another one, you'd risk killing yourself (literally) getting to it.

    The stuff inside the eMac is wrapped around the CRT, which makes replacing HDs, optical, etc. a BIG job.

    And remember, this is the old SDR PowerMac chipset, which supports more than 2 DIMM slots.
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    Good point. More likely than not the slot is hidden behind that massively dangerous electric charge pusher we call a CRT and, even if you manage to get to it and install RAM into it, its probably disabled by firmware or physically not usable.
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    is it your airport card slot? My girlfriend's old iMac had that slot right next to the RAM.
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    Sun Baked

    Nope it is not that, he's wondering if there is a RAM slot to go with the one software is telling him is there. It's not, just bugs in that specific program.

    Though it's not really too big a bug since that SDR chipset did have versions with more than 2 physical DIMM slots.

    It's just another quirk that shows that the eMac is an all-in-one PowerMac and is NOT a CRT iMac.


    Though, Panther users (on other machines) have been getting goofier results than what he's talking about.
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    interesting.... I didn't know much of the insides of the eMac. Good to know....
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    Me too on my G4 QS 733!

    Check it out - I only have 3 actualy slots, by system profiler shows 4!

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    I opened it once and its not that bad... Someone had to screw thoses things there so it's not like it's impossible to do. But this thread is not about if you should replace those things...

    which means?
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    it's not just *ANY* specific program... It's the Apple system profiler! ;)

    Ok... I see.
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    wrc fan

    my cube shows the same thing. 3 slots, and then one unused slot. It's something about Mac OS Xs system profiler, as Mac OS 9 doesn't show it.
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    Did you swap the HD from your old system ? I had a B&W (4 ram slots) before buying my G4 DA and I swapped the HD from the B&W to the G4 (3 ram slots) when I bought it. Now SP says I have 4 ram slots (OSX 10.2.3). Maybe the OS didn't change the old ram configuration.

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