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Discussion in 'Community' started by dynamicd, May 27, 2003.

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    I've been watching the Simpsons since they started and they were great for a while. The past couple years, however, the quality has really suffered. I know they're running out of ideas and it's understandable. Anybody else notice this? Personally, my favorite show now if Family Guy which is only shown at 10:30 at night on cartoon network. It's much more adult-oriented and it's much funnier than the simpsons. Any other family guy fans out there??
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    the simpsons was my favorite show for a number of years. seasons 3-10 were amazing. some terrific writers came through during those years. when they branched out into the secondary characters the show tapped some very deep wells (the voice and writing talent were allowed to develop countless characters). but just like all good things, it may have just run it's course.

    groening and simon put most of their efforts into futurama these past couple years and the show is basically treading water. i'd still rather watch it that anything on ABC, though.
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    my personal opinion is that when you really watch the simpsons, you find that the majority of the episodse are OK, only a fwe are really great. So I don't think the quality was a great lot better in the past than it is now.

    However, there has been a trend in the last couple of seasons to just get really, really weird. They seem to like starting out with something happening, whihc then makes a really weird, incongruous lead in to a totally different story line (the tennis court episode is a good example of this). The first 5 minutes of such episodes end up being pretty much a wash.

    I also think they've backed themselves into a corner somewhat by focusing so much on Homer. When the simpsons first came out, Homer wasn't an idiot, he was just kind of dumb, oblivious to his kids and not particularly nice. They focused on Bart back then. It sucked in my opinion. The show was at its best when they struck a balance between the characters (with Lisa playing only a supporting role. There are only a couple of episodes where she is a main character that are really good) Now it just seems to be about making homer do stupid things and make really weird situations happen. Sometimes its funny regardless, but the episodes aren't as classic as they used to be when they were really more of a caricatured view of family life.

    Futurama hoever really became a great show and its too bad the network never seemed to believe in it (or a larger audience for that matter).

    The family guy didn't used to appeal to me, but since its been on cartoon network at 11:30 (on the west coast, thats when its on, right after futurama), I've really grown to aprpeciate it. its not brilliant, but its good and occasionally has some really great moments.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Yes simpsons are getting alot less good as the seasons roll by, no idea why, have they run out of ideas?

    I don't know.... tho Family Guy and Futerama (especially) shouldn't have been canceled.

    I don't know focus on more real life stuff, comeon, not too hard.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    I love the simpsons, always have and always will. The problem with the simpsons these days is the writing, most if not all of the good writers have left, and the writers that took their places are young writers that grew up watching the simpsons!

    I think that the show is slowly winding down, and I agree that the shows are really fast paced and each of the three acts in each episode don't have any effect on each other. You can miss the first 2 thirds of the show and watch the end third and understand almost completely whats going on, if it makes any sense whatsoever, which with current episodes, seem to stretch it a bit.

    Futurama was really great, I love it, I have the DVD set and love it. Family guy is sort of a cartoon for the Simsons generation, and in that respect it is good, but not the same as the simpsons. I for one feel that this next season is the last for the simpsons, despite what Groening says about an emmy breathing life into the show for a few more years.

    I think that the simpsons should end this next season with a cliffhanger that will be concluded in a full length motion picture taht will debut in the summer of 2004. There are talks of a simpsons, movie, but we will see. Anyway we have the next 7 years of simpsons DVDs to look forward to.

    Long live the simpsons, the best animated american comedy ever.
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    i adore the family guy. my first love was the simpsons tho, i'm watching it right now, i'll agree that things are different the past season or two... i think they finally realized they don't have to do something new and bold every episode; that they can focus on normal funny plotlines with existing characters and still be good. i kind of like it, it's more relaxed and old style simpsons. i think they got awfully pretentious there for a while...

    futurama... never really grabbed me. i can watch it, but i'll probably wind up channel surfing before the episode is up...

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    it's true, but the simpsons is still worth watching. i'd rather watch family guy though.
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    I wish some other network would pick family guy or futurama or both up and start making new episodes since they seem to have a big fan following. They're both very popular among college students. Everynight in the dorms people would have the shows on. I think the reason they were canceled was b/c they pushed the limit too much. Both were shown on sunday nights during times when family's sit down to watch tv. Both would be probably be considered pg-13 or even mature in some instances.
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    Ok, I love the Simpsons and have been watching since the Tracy Ullman show. Futurama is good, occasionally great, but its on at 7 on the west coast, so I usually seem to be out doing something else.

    Family guy cracked me up, I hated to see it get canceled.

    Anyone remmeber the Oblongs? I thought that show, albeit weird, was hysterical!

    Still, as noted before, any of those are better than most of whats on ABC/CBS/NBC.
    I just can't watch reality tv, I'd rather walk downtown and watch the ongoing freak show that is Santa Cruz. :D
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    I still like the simpsons; however, i do agree that it has not been as good for the passt few years.

    I like family guy at least as well, if not better than the simpsons. The satire of the show was more candid than usual which got the show in trouble on several occassions; ie. the griffin's names are those of a preachers family who sued the show.

    Family guy is out or is coming out on dvd though so if one episode per night on cartoon network is not enough you can buy each season.

    Jay: the oblongs is funny, but very strange. will ferrell's character is my favorite (the father)
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    di they really have to cancel futurama? and family guy...the simpson are gona lose more viewers if they dont make it funny again.
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    I love the simpsons, although I do agree that they have become more homer centered recently.

    Having said that, one of my all time favourite episodes was the "house of 1895" which is very homercentric, also with Bill Cosby, in fact I've seen him on some other shows and their impressions of Bill are so funny.

    In fact I really like the newer ones, we ar behind over here but not by much. LAst sunday showed the one with Krusty going for senator and fox news showing the democrat candidate with Devils horns and a communist flag, all the while the ticker is going across the bottom saying things like "democrats cause cancer" and "rupert murdoch is a killer dancer", :D

    And my favourtie line from that episode was kent brochman saying "this is kent brochman coming to you live, and just to prove to you that its live..... - p*nis"

    It must be a tribute to the macrumors profanity filter censoring ***** but not vagina. In the same episode the comic book shop guy was using a lime green CRT iMac.
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    THhs century is for South Park:D
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    I think what will bring the Simpsons' viewing attendance back to life is using rather incredible and ridiculous circumstances, much like South Park.

    There have been a few episodes of this. For instance, one of the Treehouse Horror episodes featured the aliens Kodos and Kane using Marge to give birth to her daughter, Maggie. She gets her first tooth, which is identical to that of the aliens. Then when Homer confronts the aliens the situation goes to the Jerry Springer show.

    The Simpsons need more episodes that are far out of the ordinary, but also, more comical satires and rip-offs. The Sunday episodes, including the 300th episode special had a few quality examples. The 300th episode included a Michael Jackson reference, for example.
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    They put it like at 6PM not PrimeTime and expected people to watch it, they tried (and succeeded in killing the show) :(
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    i thought The Oblongs was still being made :confused:

    i always liked Duckman. can't believe they were allowed to put it on the air... i'm patiently waiting for it to go on DVD...

    you know what i wish was still around? strangers with candy. that was a hell of a show :)

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    futurama doesn't appeal to me at all... family guy is good, but many episodes (the witness protection episode) and the general style of humor are direct rip offs from the simpsons. While it's funny, it doesn't win any points for originality with me.
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    Strangers with candy was always a wierd show. i watched the hell out of it though. Futurama is a great show, one of my favorites. Simpsons is still great but slowly going down hill. King of the hill never really appealed to me. Family guy is ok. The Critic is the best show ever :)
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    Laslo Panaflex

    /agree, the critic is very good, since I am first, and foremost a fan of the cinema. The critic had very witty spoofs on movies and actors that were popular at the time. I loved it and watched it when it was on late at night on comedy central.
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    Is the Simpsons as CONSISTENTLY funny as it was in seasons 3-10? I hate to say it, but no.

    However, it still has it's moments, and the first five minutes of each episode are so random - I love that.

    In spite of any drop in consistency, it is still the only show I watch each week without exception. I've got them all on tape and am happy to watch almost any episode.

    Except season 1. As funny as I thought it was when I saw them back when they were new, they're just not funny 13 years later. A couple funny bits, but by and large they pale.

    "Pray for Mojo"
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    Not as good as it once was, but then again, what is after this long?

    I liked Futurama (did you see that episode with Fry's dog - I LOVED that one) and Family Guy. Didn't really get into them til later, and I now have reruns to catch me up. Thank you Cartoon Network.

    Now if only we could find a place for Invader Zim.
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    hey mymemory check your pms!

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    in principle, you are right. But the show did start off with stuff much worse than this. season one through much of season two are downright unwatchable. (the one highlight from season one: jaques and marge. classic.) i guess what i'm saying is the show had a dramatic change in season three, and it does need one now if it's to survive.

    i, like you, don't watch regularly on sundays. though, you can't beat the Simpsons for syndication watching.
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    Man, I forgot about the critic. Is it still shown regularly anymore. I caught an episode the other day, but at a really odd time. I loved that show, but it only takes a little while to see them all, which is too bad. John lovitz had a few good years there with the critic and his stint on news radio (which obviously wasn't as funny without phil hartman, but I though he still did an pretty good job filling those shoes)

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