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What's your favorite manual made Equalizer Preset (iTunes)?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by slooksterPSV, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Hey, I was just listening to some music and I've made a preset that just amplifies all the sound so the music sounds new and fresh and just totally awesome! I recommend you guys try this one. I just made it using manual about a few days ago. It's the best preset I have on iTunes. Here's a pic of it, I dunno how to export it. So you can go off of my preset - I want someone to try it and tell me how rich their sound sounds if it's better. For my electronica, techno, trance, etc. It just amplifies the quality of the sound IMO.

    Here ya go:

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    the same EQ settings are going to sound different to each person 'cuz everyone's got a different room, with different monitors and different kinds of hearing loss.

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    I tried slookster's EQ settings for giggles and it sounds a bit too heavy on the highs to me, with some of the mids lacking, but then again, zimv20 is right, it is going to sound totally different to everyone depending on many variables. I can say right now that the setting would not sound good at all on my Genelec monitors (currently listening to Górecki's Symphony No. 3, 2nd mvt.)

    The main thing is, if it works for you, use it!
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    slookster -- i just had a look at your EQ settings. what kind of system are you running? can you really hear (actually, feel) a difference w/ the 32 Hz slider?

    also, you're pushing a ton of high frequency energy. it's out of concern when i say this, and i'm being serious, you may want to get your hearing checked.

    i've got a 25 dB loss @ 8k (compared to the rest of my hearing, which is above average), and even to me that much 8k is unlistenable.
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    32Hz I get no change in sound
    I'm using my iBook so if that explains some of it, also I'm using Sony Earbuds. I can tell quite a bit of quality difference from Flat to HighLowPF. 32Hz does nothing though so yeah.

    EDIT: Well I just went and cleaned my ears, had some wax in them, everything sounds good. I've turned off the equalizer preset now.
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    yeah, no way they'll reproduce signals that low.

    how i wish my hearing loss could be solved w/ a simple cleaning.
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    Hi, Sorry I don't know much about this kind of stuff, but I was trying to find out how I can make my music sound better using the equalizer when I came across this. This might be a stupid question, but am I not supposed to be able to tell the difference when the 32Hz slider is moved? because I can...
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    I like the loudness one when im using the built in speakers on my laptop, or if im using headphones usually just flat.

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