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Whats your favorite "money is no object" accessory?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rohizzle121, Nov 28, 2011.

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    for me its a dual thunderbolt display!
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    Dual TB displays for the MacBook Air - are you sure about that? My favourite would probably have to be a Muzetto bag.
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    27 inch ACD
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    Agreed! :D
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    I guess you guys didn't get my hint: The MacBook Air does not support dual TB displays. Only a single TB display!
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    Well he could always get 2 mba :p
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    The Steve Jobs Hype Machine has driven my stock so high (I got in under $20) that all my purchases are "money is no object".

    He might have been a flaming narcissist, but I got incredibly rich off his back.

    It lessens the disgust I'm experiencing with the iToyz line and the fanbois that make love to the bloody things.
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    OWC 480GB Mercury Aura Pro Express Blade SSD

    $1079.00 plus shipping. :cool:
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    EROS Girl.
  10. phySi0, Nov 29, 2011
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    What's your problem? Why bring off-topic negativity into the conversation?
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    You say that like negativity is a bad thing...
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    For me it is the macbook air!

    That is the accessory ... all the other stuff becomes mandatory after that ...

    Will have to look at some thunderbolt based stuff next year after some more reasonable cost options/adapters become available. Would be nice to have thunderbolt to USB 3.0 for external drives OR thunderbolt based external drives but out of my price range for right now.
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    Anything Apple.
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    Well, if money was no object, it would be Apple's hideously priced Thunderbolt display. If money was no object and the thing actually existed, a pocket 1TB SSD Thunderbolt drive (Aperture is already near instant, using a USB drive compared to my white MacBook but there's nothing wrong with wanting more eh)?
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    How about an office in a multimillion dollar house on a cliff overlooking the ocean through a huge glass window with anti-glare coating for the office with a desk and power supply to plug in my MBA.

    But seriously, the Thunderbolt Display is the bomb as far as I'm concerned. It was actually a step down in dollars from my old Dell 30", but with the thunderbolt stuff it was an easy decision to "downsize".
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    Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4S
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    No need for that crap. Enough of this Steve Jobs was such a bad man garbage.

    Read his sisters eulogy on him, may help you see things in a different light. But kind words don't fuel the rumor mill, sell books, or make up for people's jealousy do they?

    Hopefully one day his wife or kids will write a more balanced viewpoint on the man who changed the world in such INCREDIBLY positive ways.
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    I've put a 480GB in my box called Future Tech.

    In this box there is the DeLorean, Minority Report-tech, A MacBook Air with a GT555M, an affordable ACD or ATD and the OWC (any Solid State Drive in general) that's over 128GBs.

    Although I know it's damn fast, I can't justify spending that much cash money on my MacBook Air's storage. My max was 256GB.


    With that said, "my money is no object" accessories are my three Dell U2311 eIPS panels. Combined they are cheaper than the NEC 20WMGX2 AS-IPS I bought in '06 but that would be it. Naturally I'd want to go with an ACD/ATD but damn... I play games on a PC with a GTX 580. We haven't reached ThunderBolt tech yet. And as far as I know that's where the Cinema Display's are going so I'll have to wait till I self-convert to mac.


    Oh, so you must be referencing to Tony Stark's mansion in Iron-Man 1. At least that was the most beautiful version of the idea. Also, it was a pretty awesome way to kick a conquest out of your house. :p


    I would KILL for USB 3.0 on my MacBook Air... and maybe native HDMI. Those are the two things that I would love to have on this thing... wait, no, a capable iGPU. Technically I should have waited till the next generation but I couldn't. The i5 was too appealing.

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