What's Your Favorite Podcast?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Daveway, Feb 19, 2005.

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    So I just started getting into the podcasting world and loving it. However, I only have a few feeds.

    What's your favorite podcasting feeds?
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    Are you talking about Web Radio Broadcasting? If so a person by the title name Crayola does and awesome broadcast of music from his iTunes. Thee nice thing is no commercials.
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    I've just started listening myself. I tried three this weekend:

    Buzz Out loud from CNet. Wasn't impressed, but it wasn't the regular host. We'll give this one another try.

    Wizards of Technology. Even lamer than Buzz Out Loud. Not sure I'll try this one again.

    Grape Radio. This is about wine, and it's not a bad one. They had an interesting interview with the proprietor of winebid.com. I'll definitely listen again.

    I'm using iPodderX to download the podcasts to my shuffle. So far it's rather confusing. I hope the free iTunes version is out before my 30-day-trial of iPodderX runs out.
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    At this moment, the only Podcast I listen to is CBC Radio 3

    I am using iPodder (it was free, if I remember correctly)
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    This Week in Tech is the only one I listen to. It's the old gang from "The Screen Savers" on TechTV - Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, etc. If you liked the show, you'll probably like this as well.
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    I like the Engadget Podcast alot.
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    dawn and drew show
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    very interesting.

    I may have to get into this podcasting thing.

    Was I to understand that podcasting subscription was something to be offered within iTunes or am I mistaken? Anyone know the details on that?
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    iTunes 4.9 is apparently going to include Podcasting utilities and downloads. Which will amazing for start-ups without the bandwith to share a show week after week.
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    I too have been trying out the Podcasting and experimenting with different shows

    I have been trying shows like:

    this WEEK in TECH

    Dawn & Drew Show

    Adam Curry's: The Daily Source Code

    I've used iPodder but I found problems with it, might try it again but I'm also using Podcast.net which is a directory for podcast stations

    Interested to hear what others recommend also :)
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    I thought podcasting was in the iTunes music store but im not seeing it. Do you need to have the apple id or something. Im still learning this, so do i use itunes or something else and is it free.

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    It's not out yet. Wait for iTunes 4.9.
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    Until iTunes is updated to 4.9 (around 30 days or something) you won't be able to access the podcast section of the music store, so for now you will need to use 3rd party programs like iPodder to download the feeds and listen to them
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    Thanks for the speedy reply.
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    Just as an FYI for those of you now searching iPodder for "this week in tech" and finding nothing. It's listed under TWIT.

    Not that I just now spent thirty minutes searching for it or anything.

    Edit: And another thing. Is there any way to put all the podcasts into one playlist? IPodder's creating playlists like the dickens on my computer.
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    thanks for the quick replies also.

    I see like on This Week in Tech they also offer MP3 versions for download...do most do this or do they have to be acquired by use of something such as iPodder?
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    Well at the moment I am getting the feeds without a program so you should by able to find an MP3 download on any station site
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  20. TBR
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    Self Promotion :)

    Check out my show over at www.mashuppodcast.co.uk , 7 months old and still going strong :)

    The show about well anything I like, but mainly bootleg/mashups. if you like the show, spread the word. The current show talks about music, t-shirts and star trek. If you don't recieve a show for a while it's not because I've stopped, it's simply cause I havn't done one yet :)

    Also my favorite podcasts of the moment are:

    Radio Clash
    Radio adventures of Doctor Floyd
    One Minute Tip
    The Wizards of Technology
    Wizard news (LOTR & Harry Potter News)
    SCI FI Wire
    Video Game News Radio (very different kind of gaming show)
    Tokyo Calling
    Area 51
    Mobuzz (video cast)
    Rocket boom (video cast)
    Mashup of the Week

    And I have another 15 or so that I used to listen to or got bored of or like the sound of but not got time to check out etc etc.
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    I'm another fan of the old Screensavers gang.

    The only other podcast that I have listened to is Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. I listened to his keynote from Gnomedex and I really liked it.
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    I tried to subscribe to your podcast but I got a Safari Can't Read Page notice.

    Also I checked out Rocket boom video cast it it was really cool.... I had no idea there were videocasts too.

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