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What's your favourite MacMame game?

Discussion in 'Games' started by kiwi_the_iwik, May 18, 2002.

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    It's probably been done before...

    ...in fact: it's probably been mentioned about TWICE already!

    BUT - now that MacMame, that outstanding Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, has unofficially won a place on many of our "Hard Drive's Hall of Fame", it would be interesting to see which games you lost a small fortune on all those years ago in some manky den of depravity (namely, a coin-op arcade)...

    ...and, of course, which ones you play now - what game do you rate the best?

    (Mine has to be Hyper Olympics - followed by Karate Champ)
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    The one.. the only...

    Sega Outrun.......

    50p a shot back in 1987......... the sit down version was even more expensive I think.....

    I used to love the Ferrari Testarossa back in the 80's!! so Outrun became the arcade game of choice....... then Sega went and ruined it with Turbo Outrun and the F40 :rolleyes:
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    Favorite MacMame Games

    To preface this, first of all I would like to say that I sadly missed out on the "old days" when most of these wonderful games were released. Second, I find it very hard to narrow it down to one classic, but here goes nothing:

    My favorite MacMame game of all time would have to be Galaga .
    However, tied for second place there is The Simpsons (the arcade game), SpyHunter and Golden Axe.

    Of course, this also doesn't include any NeoGeo games (of which I have numerous favorites so I won't bother getting into that).


    P.S. If you don't know much about these classic games, check out Classic Gaming . They not only have tons of information on these games but tons of roms as well for MacMame...and as for using the roms...that's a whole other story...
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    Re: Favorite MacMame Games

    Dang it, you beat me to it! :D I totally second that. Galaga is the best! I haven't been able to get past level 32... anyone have snapshots of higher level medals? (like 40 or 50 etc. etc.)
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    I've got a few...

    "Solomon's Key" - Excellent puzzle game
    "Defender" - The original and best shoot 'em up

    As for the newer games...

    "Metal Slug 1,2,3 & X" are all excellent plaform shoot 'em ups

    I also like "Biomechanical Toy", I think the more modern games are too much of a "Hit as many buttons as possible as fast as possible" and that's it, no skill, no lasting interest.

    MacMAME is probably my favourate mac application apart from Protools LE.
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    Favorite MacMAME Games - SNK Edition

    Well, going into the SNK/Neo•Geo side of the subject, I have so many other favorite games, so I'll list some of them here:

    -Metal Slug 1, 2, X
    -Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move
    -Last Blade 2
    -King of Fighters '98
    -Super Baseball 2020

    I realize that list is highly lacking, but those are probably my top 5 or so...also, if anyone is looking for Neo•Geo roms (not that I told you), check out thenationnet.com , Neo Geo Planet or Classic Gaming Neo Geo Roms for tons of them...one note however...thenationnet.com requires you to register...however it's free and doesn't take much so it's definately worth it...they seem to have the best reliability and a good selection as well, so I would highly recommend them...anyway, happy gaming!

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    I blew so many quarters on this game when I was in sixth grade.
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    I used to blow all my pocket money on:

    Star Wars
    Galaxy Raiders
    Pole Position
    Xevious - one of my personal fave's
    Hyper Olympics
    Karate Champ
    NBA Jam
    Empire City
    Time Pilot

    Hang on, this is NUTS! I'm surprised I had any money left at all...
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    on the subject of MacMame, i got the download and then i could never get it to work. was i just using faulty ROMs? can someone help me out?!

    i really need to get it working, i'm dying to play Metal Slug!!
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    re: Help...

    OK, cb -

    After you've downloaded the latest version of MacMame, you'll find a roms folder in the main MacMame folder. Any roms you downloaded should be placed in this location. Note that the roms are all in compressed .zip format, and should remain that way (MacMame decompresses them for you when you play them, then recompresses them when you quit).

    Also, it is to be noted that unless you actually own the game, you are not legally entitled to download the rom images to use for periods longer than 24 hours... ;)

    Otherwise, happy playing!!!!
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    thats exactly what i did. i put all the ROMs in the roms folder, still zipped, and nothing happened. maybe i'll just download it and try again.
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    You also need to make sure that you have it named correctly...to find out the correct name for a game, open up MacMAME, then go to the "Reports" tab, then click "Reports" and then "OK". You will now see a very long list of all of the games supported by MacMAME...now scroll down to find the one you want (they're in alphabetical order) and on the column on the left you will see the title you have to give that particular rom. For example, let's say I had a rom for Ice Climber. If I name the file "Ice Climber.zip" it won't recognize it. Instead, it must be named either "iceclimb.zip" (if it's still the zip file) or simply "iceclimb". I hope this is the problem you were running into. Good luck and happy MAMEing!

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    thanks for the tip on naming them right. that might have been the problem last time, i'll check that out as soon as i get some more ROM's....

    another thing. does anyone know of any sites where i could download Neo Geo ROMs? neogeoplanet.com doesn't work and i'm having a hard time finding others.
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    It took me awhile searching to find good Neo Geo download sites (they seem so rare these days) but I found this. Classic Gaming's Neo Geo Rom Dump is where I've downloaded most of my Neo Geo roms. I used to use thenationnet.com which had great selection and good speeds, but now it's disappeared. Actually, if anyone knows where it went I would love to be enlightened on its current location (if it has one). Anyway, ClassicGaming is the best place to get Neo Geo roms that I know of. Good luck and happy gaming!

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    I'd like to correct myself on that thenationnet.com thing. I just checked it and apparently it's under construction. Once it gets back online, if anyone catches it, post something in here so we can all enjoy their nice selection of roms!

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    thanks ArtMan617, finally a place where i can get Aero Fighters and Metal Slug!!

    just one more MacMame question: do i have to get carbonlib? or is that only if you are using OS 9? MacMame still won't work for me. it won't even open, i keep getting an 'unexpectedly quit' message.
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    I don't think you should need CarbonLib if you're running it in X. I would make sure that you have the latest version (emulation.net has it) and hopefully it won't quit on you. Or, it's possible that having the latest version is the problem in which case you should just download an older version. Anyway, good luck again with it and enjoy the roms!

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    Space Wars is awesome but I can't get the controls to work. Other than that I play Major Havoc. I love those old Atari vector games like Battlezone and Star Wars.

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