When Could we really expect a G5 laptop?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Cheap-Chopstix, Aug 15, 2003.

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    Reasonably when could we expect to see G5 notebooks? We pretty much know it ain't comin out this year. But when could we expect it to come out next year? First quarter of 2004 or closer to 4th quarter 2004. I ask cuz I might wait out gettin my first mac if its expected to come out like mid 2004.
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    Powerbook G5

    Overall belief is that it will come out sometime towards the first half of 2004. Will it? We'll all just have to wait and see. If you can wait, then go ahead, I am sure they will be worth it when they are finally out.
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    i'm already saving up for one
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    Me, too.

    I was just watching the PowerMac G5 movie again. I noticed that the IBM dude said that they had "already built the prototypes for next-generation PowerPC microprocessors."

    What exactly does that mean? The PPC 980 or the 90 nm chip we're expecting in the PowerBooks eventually? Or are they one in the same?

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    I think that they arrive in February 2004. Don't think that they come out with another G4 revision beside that one next week.

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    I am waiting to buy a new PowerBook, old limey here is getting too slow...:( Well I hope the G5 PowerBooks coming out soon, I need more speed....I don't know how long I can last on 466mhz :rolleyes:
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    Jerry Spoon

    After the towers already get a speed bump and the sales of the towers and the soon to be updated pb's drop off just a bit. I think early 2004 is optomistic, but I bet we see them by next fall at the latest...I hope.
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    I think a G5 Powerbook would see the light of day at either Jan Macworld San Fransico or the July Macworld. It'll be such big news that one of these shows would be the ideal platform to launch such a beast. Apple may even be looking to release a slower version of the G5 for powerbooks due to the power drain. A 1Ghz 970 would only need 19watts, according to IBM's figures. This would be more in line with whats needed for a laptop.
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    How amazing would it be if this Tuesday, when the updated PowerBooks are released (hopefully), they end up being G5 PowerBooks. And the headline on the front page would be: Surprise.

    That would be so cool.

    But my reality world guess is late 1H 2004.
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    We will get the next G4 bump in August, September or October. By October the 15" will be 11 months old, and as someone posted in another thread, Apple has never gone more than 11 months without an update.

    Even if we get the new PB's Sept 1, that is only 4 months to MWSF. It is wishful thinking for such a huge update that quickly. Also, IBM getting the .09 970's to Apple in shipping quantities by then is extremely optimistic. The 19 watts someone quoted is for the .13 970. Apple will not use that.

    I'm thinking the most likely time is WWDC 2004, either 11 months or 1 year after the g5 desktops were announced. MWNY is no longer, now Mac isn't even in the name anymore. This should be plenty of time for .09 970's to be plentiful, and the motherboards to be refined. This would also be 8-9 months after the pending PB update, which historically is just about right. (Another poster researched that the average time is 7.4 months)

    Apple could bring out the dual 3Ghz PowerMac G5, and the single 2Ghz (I'm guessing optimistically) PowerBook G5 in one fell swoop.

    On another note, I'm curious how many people would want apple to leave the 1" case for a 1.25 or 1.5" case, if it meant getting newer techologies in faster, like faster superdrive, 128Meg 9600 video card, G5 cpu, etc.
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    Capt Underpants

    I am thinking later on in 2004. Maybe quarter three or four. I sure do hope it is sooner, though.
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    Powerbook G5

    I'd love to wake up on Tuesday, go to Apple.com, and then see "The new PowerBook G5--Who's your daddy now"
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    Re: When Could we really expect a G5 laptop?

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    In this movie the guy is saying about the G5 PPC970.
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    well, i think apple i going to release them in mid 2004 or late 2004. there is still 1 or 2 revisions let in the Powerbooks until the G5 i think.
    the iBooks will get a case change once it goes G4, which will be after the PB goes G5. i have apple plans all laid out :p:D :cool:
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    LOL!! :D :D it's going to be sswweeeeettt when the G5 PowerBook gets here. i'm looking forward to that day! :D
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    I like surprises! :D

    Come on Apple, surprise us! :)
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    i can see that at MWSF: Steve comes out smiling broadly, with a normal-looking albook in his hand. the audience is steeped in silence. suddenly, he opens it up, and the screen turns on and says "G5," the full size of the screen. he asks the audience, "who's yo' daddy now, eh?"
    "STEVE!!!" they all exclaim. yeah, that would be really funny.
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    Well, actually, my point is that he doesn't specify. He just says that they've "already built the prototypes for next-generation PowerPC microprocessors." True, that video is about the PowerMac G5 and a lot of it deals with the PPC970. However, Dr. Kelly doesn't elaborate on the above comment.

    Does "next-generation" refer to an improved PPC970 or to its successor?

  20. mim
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    I believe he might be talking about the power5. Notice he doesn't say then "next generation PPC's for APPLE" - there are lots of ppc procs that Apple doesn't use. The 970's successor will use tech derived from whatever this chip that IBM's working on is.

    I don't think we'll be waiting too long for G5 powerbooks - Apple probably wants them just as much as we do.
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    it's not like motorola is making the chips or anything, we'll see them by wwdc at the latest
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    I can see Steve Jobs standing in front of a crowd in January 2004 and saying "365 days ago I told you it would be the year of the laptop.. and I wasn't kidding.." g5 powerbooks will be announced and they'll ship 4months later... that's the way I see it happening.
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    argh no.
    when G5 powerbooks come out, they will definatly have a lot of them ready to ship. it won't be like last time.

    *mean while in cupertino*
    generic employee-so boss, when do you want to announce the new G5 powerbooks?
    jobs-lets wait a few more years, and people will still hold out hahahaha!:p
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    you know - the idea isnt all that unbelievable. really - year of the notebook computer and SJ giving us mere mortals a G5 'book at the end of it (just to screw the x86 guys for good).

    wierd. the more i think about it - the more it seems plausible.

    maybe we will get another 'premature specification' :D
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    Personally, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that there's going to be a G5 powerbook on tuesday, but if there were, that would DEFINITELY be the tagline. :D

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