When Iceland Attacks!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by miles01110, Apr 15, 2010.

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    This has been going on for a couple days now, but it's an interesting situation. The UK is just the latest country to suspend flights due to potential engine damage from minute silicate particles.


    The caption under the image reads:

    I just tried to pronounce that for approximately three minutes... couldn't figure it out.

    Damn you Iceland!!! ::shakes fist::

    Also, FlightRader24 has a neat thing where you can see that there aren't any airplanes in UK airspace (save one?).
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    I think this is just flat out brilliant in a way that I can't put my finger on!
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    Most of Europe's airspace will be closed by 15.30GMT today. UK airspace closed at 12.00BST. Seems very strange with no planes in the sky.

    Hopefully this will be over very soon, if not, it could start affecting airports and airlines financially.
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    I was due to be flying from Belfast City to London Heathrow at 5:35 this afternoon. After checking the departures page, it looks like I'm going nowhere. I'm not really too bothered, as it was work related! :D When I was first told, I thought it was another one of BMIs dirty tricks, but turns out it's not their fault for once!
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    aeronaughts grounded by gaia spewing.
    It'll be nice to have a pause in the contrails.
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    It's a pity the day over Southwest London is cloudy… would have been wonderful to have a clear blue sky today. :)
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    Looks like the next time someone wants air superiority over the continent they should enlist the help of an Icelandic volcano.
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    Damned volcano... I've been in Bergen, Norway all week and I was supposed to fly home to London today. Guess that's not happening. I hope I won't be stuck here too long, although I can think of worse places to be stranded...
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    Now we'll never get those iPads.
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    I blame it on the sceptics talking about arresting the Pope,gawd be angry:


    The web site is getting hammered so it's information on individual planes isn't working but there appears to be a solitary aircraft flying just south of London,very odd.

    (it's call sign is MSAIRZ for any conspiracy theorists out there)
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    The volcano story is crap. The dust cloud was caused by someone cleaning the trophy cabinet at Eastlands ;)
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    I thought clouds came from volcanoes anyways?
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    so how many hummers would it take to be the equivalent of a volcano erupting? ah I love ironic situations.
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    Reminds me of just how powerful the earth is and how insignificant we are.
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    Perhaps this needs a soundtrack
    how about the excellent
    volcano by turbo fruits
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    Who has seen D2: The Mighty Ducks...

    Yeah......................When Iceland attacks

    except the U.S can't do anything about this.....:D

    poor ducks.
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    How is it ironic?

    Volcanic eruptions can actually lead to cooling.
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    Phew, I'm glad we didn't buy it. It's all covered in ashes now.

    Oh well, buy low. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.
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    What we need is some kind of volcano / earthquake far advance warning system so we can organize and invade before the troublemaking begins.
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    Yes, a region stabilization force if you will.
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    pics or it didn't happen
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    Power Rangers!

    I literally laughed out loud. That rarely happens, thanks!
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    What the US needs to do is pass some 'Cap and Trade' legislation on the world's volcanoes to limit the CO2 in the atmosphere that leads to Global Warming.:eek:
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    Peter Steele of the band type o negative passed away yesterday, so there have been jokes that he caused it. (He created a fictional country with a northern European sounding name, Vinland, and has Icelandic heritage).

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