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When in landscape does the keyboard look pixelated?

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by matthewprince, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Hi. Is it just me or when typing in landscape does the keyboard letters look slightly pixelated? Especially the W key.

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    Nope mine looks fine!
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    Not mine.
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    Nope, mine look fine!
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    No issues with mine either.
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    What I mean is.... It isn't smooth around the letter. If you look at the boxes around the letters they aren't smooth on mine and look slightly jaggy. Do yours?
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    Yes, if you put your nose right up to the screen and look closely, you can see the pixelation on the keyboard...I can see the same thing if I stick my nose to the screen of my iMac.

    Fairly normal, but if you are worried, take a screen shot and post it, let us comment on the (ab)normality of it
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    Hi, ive done a screenshot but how will i get it up here as my windows pc has gone now to make way for my iMac coming.
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    upload to dropbox, flickr, idisk, etc and post a link
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    Hi, used photo bucket for iPad !
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    OP: that's normal, nothing wrong

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