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When to buy PowerBook???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by liketom, Jun 18, 2004.

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    ok so , Tiger is not gonna be free so my question is , i am looking at buying a Powerbook 15" , but buy it now get panther , but when is the most prob date on which Tiger will be released so i can buy my powerbook say 6-8 weeks b4 this so i can get free upgrade ??

    preview at WWDC on 28th released when ???? sept , dec??? any ideas

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    Be careful with all those question marks. You might hurt yourself. I'd order a PB around the same time Tiger is released.
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    true there is alot of em ???? lol
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    if you buy a PB 6 to 8 weeks before tiger ships, it's not a guarrantee that you will get a "free" upgrade. apple has picked varying days (judging from panther and iLife as two past examples) on how "close" you had to have purchased the hardware to get a "free" upgrade.

    if you want tiger, the surest way is to wait until it's announced by apple that the machines will ship with one pre-installed.
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    Buy when You neet it!

    Powerbooks are great machines - whatever generation.
    I have Titanium. I love it.
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    Gosh, thats a tough question. I know none of us are psychic, but with so many different assumptions and thoughts my perspective on it all could be Tiger being released first week in October 2004 just like how last October Panther was released. Thats only a guesstimation, I for one am generally not one to lay a claim on something being specific, but that would be my hopes more than it being a reality.
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    I have a vague recollection of one of Apple's executives saying that Mac OS X won't be updated as frequently in the future--more like every 18 months rather than every year. This would put the next update firmly into 2005. Maybe just buy now and bite the bullet at upgrade time? Clearly we'll know more after WWDC. Probably a good idea to wait at least until then.
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    I agree with this. Youre going to be spending 2500-3000 bucks anyway. Most likely if you can afford this, youll be able to afford any upgrade or new product between 100-150 bucks when Tiger does come out. Its not as if youll be stuck with the printing press and a bottle of moonshine.

    Its like when Hummer was criticized for having low mpg when the gas prices started going up. The CFO came out and said that most people who buy Hummers dont worry about the pathetic gas mileage because if they are Hummer owners, then more than likely, they can afford the gas.

    Also, like Nike says, JUST DO IT. Why people wait and put things they want in life on hold is beyond me. Enjoy it, live it now.
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    i'd wait until the next powerbook revisions. the powerbooks may have 64 bit processors, and tiger may be optimized for 64 bit machines.....if you have time enough to wait until MWSF-ish, then you might as well hold off on buying a new machine.
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    The best time to buy a new computer is when you need it. If you can or want to wait then wait; there's always going to be a faster, cheaper system with more features just around the corner.

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