When to expect new Apple Displays ??

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    I'm getting ready to order a new system and wanted to get some thoughts from you folks about when to expect new displays from Apple. I know the Paris Expo is in a few weeks and one or two smaller shows between now and then. I suspect that the Paris Expo might reveal new displays. If not, it would most likely be January or February. Any other thoughts?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I think we are do for some new displays, they have been making the current one for at least 2years. also mouse & keyboard. remember this is apple so after they release the g5 then later they will probably have one with wireless keyboard & mouse & then after that new displays to match is my guess.
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    The displays have been slightly modified in the last year. The displays have lost the plastic apple logo in favor of a metal one.
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    Powerbook G5

    I'd expect to see them the same time I see a new PowerBook ;)
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    It only makes sense that they would be coming out with new displays to go with the new look of the G5's. I made a phone call to Apple but, as expected, no one knew anything. I'd love to know, though, as I am needing to make a display purchase.

    Just an added note, I noticed that Amazon has quit stocking the 17" as of last week, and I've found both the 17" and the 20" on sale and/or on clearance at a lot of the online retailers.
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    Hopefully Apple will stop fooling around and release a 30" Cinema Display. :D
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    If you MUST know ...

    I just put in my order for a new setup: 1.8 with 20" display. I requested that all items be shipped together. This works from both ends. If the monitor ships when thte G5 is ready (4-6 weeks), maybe we will see something new by then. If so, I can make changes to my order. If the G5 ships when the monitor is ready (same business day), then I'll have the whole set up by Friday. :D

    I'm so excited I might wet my pants. :)

    edit: Just check my status: due on or before 10/08/03 :)
    Just in time to make a nice anniversary gift from my wife to me :)
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    Re: If you MUST know ...

    Now that's a great idea! I think that might be the solution to my dilemma...only I wonder if I can request that they all ship together at CompUSA...they have a great deal going on with no interest/payments for 18 months! :cool:

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