When To Expect Refurbished Macbook Airs in Apple Store?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MarximusMG, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I know that no one really knows the exact time that this will happen, and I realize that they have already made their way to the refurbished store once. But realistically, when should I expect to see them in the refurbished store again? I am assuming that this may be able to be related to the patterns of other macs, and the length of time from release to when they are easily found refurbished.

    I am planning on selling my iMac and switching over to the MBA, and was hoping to do this early February at the latest, but I am set on getting one refurbished. Is that a realistic expectation?
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    There's no real way to know, but from what I've seen regarding other products, I'd guess March or so.
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    Apple backs their refurbs with the same warranty as the un-boxed items. And typically refurbs are just products that people brought back because they changed their mind, so you might save about $50.
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    Ok, great. Thanks. Because I was planning on getting it sooner than then, I may just end up getting one brand new. I've found them for about $960 on eBay. Free shipping and no sales tax. Pretty happy with that.
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    Check daily. The new versions (Oct '10) have already been in refurb. but seem to get snatched up pretty quickly.
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    That's what I've been doing almost every single day since around late November or so, and so far no luck. I'm thinking that if I don't see one within the next couple of weeks, I'll go with my other option.
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    Apple Insider has a price checking page on their site. MacBook Air models are going for some decent discounts at MacMall that are similar to the refurb pricing that was offered earlier this year. I'm guessing that most of the late December refurbs were units returned early on for the wake-to-sleep issue that was subsequently fixed, or impulse buys on Day 1.
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    There were refurbs of almost every model/config in the Apple Store on December 24th in the afternoon, and they all got scooped up within a few hours.

    Since then there's been sporadic availability.

    There's always http://www.refurb.me

    They'll send you e-mail notifications of whatever model you're looking for when it comes in stock.
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    LOL... Cant say at all is correct. I remember a thread about this around Christmas.And have been following it ever since, I happen to get gift cards for the apple store, And ive been checking everyday since Dec. 26 for the refurbs to come back in and they havent. :eek: Not the newly revised versions anyway. Im in no rush thats why i havent just bought a new one. So i'll wait it out a little longer but come middle of feb i'll prolly pick one up with my tax return...
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    I don't think they'll be updated anytime soon. I think next will be iPads, maybe in March/April, then iPhone during the summer. I believe the soonest we'll see any upgrades would be during the summer, along with the iPhone launch which might also include upgrades in the other MacBook models.
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    I've checked VERY frequently, and haven't seen one yet. Are you sure?
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    That's not the case at all. Average saving on an Air is between $150-$280.

    The only thing that's $50 cheaper is iPad.

    Macs - virtually all of them - are WAY better of a deal.

    I got my late '08 MBP 15" in early 2009 and saved $400. Seriously.
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    yeah they were all there for about 24-36 hours Dec.23 to about late 24/25th, and havent been seen since, i have seriously checked everyday since the 26th. I was planning on getting an ipad with the gift cards but later figured a Air would suit me way better. Im ready to order the sec they show up in there.. then use the savings for some Apps! hopefully, but if they dont show by mid/late Feb. then i'll just have to use a student discount.. better than nothing..
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    Actually, sometime in january, I saw two 2010 13" airs show up. Unfortunately, since my sighting, they were gone within a half hour (I took too long to decide).
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    damn that does suck,:mad: Ive seen the old airs 13" numerous times on there. Im looking for an 11"er anyway.. fingers crossed for now..
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    My suggestion: search macmall for open box macbook airs. Their discounts on open box units are pretty good. Generally, open box units are computers that were purchased and returned to macmall for some reason or another, again, generally, because the customer has changed their mind, and because they computers cannot be sold as 'brand new' as they have been opened, they are sold as 'open box' with a discount as the incentive to buy. Plus, they will give you 15 days to return it, with no hassle if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

    ust do a search on the main web page for "macbook air open box". I in fact just purchased a Macbook Air 11" 1.4ghz / 4gb / 64gb (received it today) for $904. Not bad, huh? Next day overnight shipping was $15. It is in perfect condition, and no dead pixels... I'm ecstatic. I was considering purchasing a 2gb version from Craigslist here in Seattle, and prices were almost what you would pay new from MacMall for the same unit.

    I have read here on macrumors' forums that Apple will reset the warranty to the new owner on an 'open box' sale, instead of going off the date the computer was first registered online, or when Apple "estimates" is a valid start date for warranty. I've never heard of this before, but, I went onto Apple's support webpage to check the warranty and it stated November 11, 2011 for expiration. There is a link to click if you want to challenge the warranty date. So, I did, and submitted via pdf my invoice. I'll let you all know if I get my warranty reset to my purchase date. Either way, I feel great about my purchase.:D
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    thats awesome, hope it works out for you. I wish i could look elsewhere but my gift cards will be paying for a large majority of it..
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    Well according to Refurb.me, there was an 11"/1.4Ghz/2GB/128GB in stock from 12/29 till 01/03. Same with a 13" 1.86/2GB/256GB.

    Give it time. There are TONS of "I bought an 11 and now I want a 13!" threads on here, or "Should I get 4GB of RAM!?" Threads. People will be returning these things and Apple will be refurbing them.
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    maybe im just missing something here..:eek: sux i missed that.. now to play the waiting game with :apple:
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    I'm one of the people in possession of those refurbished configurations. Pre-tax price was $1,019. The open-box deals on MacMall (referred to earlier in this thread) are at even better prices.
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    Typically they are at 10-15% off. most of the 11" MBA's are going for $849, same with the white MB's.....a few weeks ago I even saw a MB go $749

    much better than jst "saving $50"
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    Refurbs in Stock Now!

    Looks like refurbished MBAs have hit the Apple site again today.
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    anyone ever seen a 11" 1.4Ghz/64GB/4GB ram configuration in the refurb store or do they only do the base configurations? if so, what was the price?
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    I just picked one up today! I was very excited to see them in stock. It was $929.
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    I just got an email from Apple that they have changed my warranty to begin when I purchased my MacBook Air. This gives me about an extra two months from the original purchase date, or exactly one year. This is fantastic!!!!!!! :D

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