When to order a '13 Air? ( not an i7 vs i5 thread =D )

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tbolt11, Jul 3, 2013.

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    So after an intense amount of debate between:
    Should I get a new laptop to replace(sell) my macbook air 2011 (decided yes)
    Should I go with a macbook air 2013 or wait for retina refresh (decided AIR)
    Should I go with i5 or i7 (leaning towards i7)

    I now want to know if there would be any benefit on waiting for a not-first-batch of them. Considering I would likely be ordering a CTO i7/512gb/8gb model I would like some insight on if I should order it now or wait a few weeks or what.

    I normally don't go to this level of detail on a new purchase but figure I would poke around if anyone knew it was smart to wait for the production runs to be ironed out.

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    The issues currently out are in a small minority or software based, so just buy now. Note the config you want to buy you can pick up in most Apple stores.

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