When will Lion be released to consumers?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by calbear93, May 18, 2011.

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    I start college in August and I would like to get a MacBook Pro. I was wondering if I should wait for Lion to be released or if I should buy a computer now with Snow Leopard. The date that Lion is being released will affect my decision! So does anyone know or have any idea?
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    Check one of the threads on the front page [i guess].

    As far as I understand, we will see a GM release on the day of the keynote at WWDC 2011.

    Add 60 days to the Golden Master build. Somewhere in mid-august, you will see a release of the same. In my opinion, Apple will hold another event in August/September to release OS X with the new macbook airs and the iPods.

    Just my guess.
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    So I guess the general consensus is that Lion will be released in mid-August at the earliest?
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    Yes. We'll get a better idea at WWDC in a few weeks.
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    I don't know if there's a general consensus especially given apple's penchant for secrecy. There's hope that mid august is time frame but thats more SWAG then anything
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    The general consensus would be that it will be released in the summer. If you're looking at a particular month, no one knows.
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    My question is how does the process work if you are a developer? Do you go out and buy the retail copy and upgrade the dev preview? Do you not have to buy it?
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    You will have access to the GM, so you won't have to buy it.
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    Lion will be released when it is ready.
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    since they've said summer, i'd certainly expect towards the later portion of summer given that Apple has a tendency to release things later rather than sooner when they've given a time-frame
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Apple told developers (like me) this:
    This does sound like we will see a public beta of Lion on the WWDC 2011. Windows 8 has also a public beta.
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    any idea on pricing for Lion?
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Lion Up-To-Date License: ≈ 10 US$
    Lion Upgrade License: ≈ 30 US$
    Lion Single Seat License: ??? US$
    Lion Family Pack License: ??? US$

    The upgrade disc is usually a full version of Mac OS X.
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    that depends. Snow Leopard has been the one exception in pricing with OS X updates.

    personally i'd say anywhere from $130 down to $30, but more likely the former.
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    I hope it's later rather than sooner.

    It would be very nice to have a reasonably bug free version.
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    Sorry, I don't see anything to suggest public beta. Apple's never done a public beta before, either, only betas for developers. I have a distinct feeling that the Developer Previews are the same as what's traditionally been called a beta, so we probably will get a good keynote preview, another seed or two to developers of the previews, and then release. I don't expect a public beta at all.

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    Mr. Retrofire

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    They told devlelopers like me as well:

    Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 08.35.28.png

    The point being, they will be in full form to preview a beta and later claim at as a GM build. That's no big deal.
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    Dude, look before you leap ;)

    Apple gave us a public beta of 10.0
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    Snow Leopard was released before schedule... so that's worth considering too. However, given how buggy Lion is at this stage, I think there's still a few months of testing to do, which probably means July-August.
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    ROFL. OK, sorry, forgot that. Still, don't think it really negates my point. 10.0 was decidedly a different situation, and Apple was under pressure to get something out to the masses. No such situation exists now.

    And Mr. Retrofire, I'm hurt. :( :p

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    I don't see any indication that there's going to be a public beta program for Lion.
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    Some say there already is one. Instead of $29.95 it is now $99 :rolleyes:
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